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Jim Belushi • ACTOR
The aroma of Cuba Mi Amor

Actor Jim Belushi, whose career has taken him from the improv stage on “Saturday Night Live,” to movie stardom, Broadway and beyond, is also an avid cigar fan.

The late actor John Belushi’s brother has a very distinct favorite, which he indulges in two or three times a day: La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor, a cigar from Nicaragua.

“As I get older, I like a fuller draw,” says Belushi. “It’s also very tasty, without bitterness. It’s just this side of the line to be bitter – maybe the last half inch. I tend to smoke them so that if I had a cigar tong I would use it. And it doesn’t take a third light well, but none of them do.

These days, Belushi divides his time between acting and farming, as a gentleman cannabis grower in Oregon, the focus of his Discovery reality series “Growing Belushi.” Like he said New York magazine, a few years ago “I did ayahuasca in Peru and I had a change of trajectory. . . Following this factory got me where I’m meant to be.

Does Belushi indulge in cannabis and cigars at the same time? “Absolutely,” he said. “Cigars and cannabis are like brother and sister.”

—Marshall Fine


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