Minor league club the Braves have a perfect response to being destroyed by Bryce Harper


Minor league Triple-A club Atlanta Braves share a good “perspective” on the destruction by Philadelphia Phillies slugger Bryce Harper.

The Atlanta Braves Triple-A club, the Gwinnett Stripers, shared a good perspective on the destruction by Philadelphia Phillies slugger Bryce Harper. The Stripers shared, “If you only count the at-bats by people with less than two National League MVPs, we would be tied. Life is a matter of perspective.

Harper has dealt with various injuries all season, but that hasn’t slowed him down one bit. He was hitting incredibly as a designated hitter while he could in the majors this season, so it’s no surprise his early success in rehab.

Injuries don’t slow Phillies star Bryce Harper

Harper only gets better with time. It’s his eleventh season in the majors and he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. This season, despite never being fully healthy, he hit 0.318/0.385/0.599 for an OPS of 0.984. That’s mostly better than his career average, aside from his on-base percentage.

Harper was sidelined with a broken thumb for nearly two months, and Tuesday was the first time he hit a pitcher in the game since. He homered in his first plate appearance in the Triple-A game.

Veteran Phillies sluggers teammate Bryson Stott shared his thoughts with NBC Sports Philadelphia. Stott said: “This guy is crazy. He is something. Knowing him, he will want to come back as soon as he can. When he feels good, I’m sure he’ll come back, but he looked pretty good to me.

Harper will no doubt improve the Phillies roster upon his return.


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