Metrongarage are the dream buildings for the dedicated car aficionado



We all know garages aren’t just for storing cars and tools these days. The garage has become, at least for the dedicated gearboxes, a showcase and a refuge.

Gearhead and businessman Timothy Hogue have a personal garage, a two-story model called the Fuel City Loft, which he designed, prototyped and built in 2015 while he was engaged in starting up Metrongarage, a supplier of dream structures for cars and motorcycles. passionate. He still runs the business today.

When Hogue wants to give up the pressure of work and travel, he goes to the garage and spends time there with his friends. He and his pals spend time there talking about cars or Hogue takes a moment to be alone and maybe light a cigar.

His garage – indeed, all the garages designed by his firm Metrongarage – are built on a solid North American steel foundation for their frames to allow for open concept options and wide floor spans.

A graduate in architectural design and commercial art with a minor in fine arts and commerce at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY., Hogue found inspiration for his cutting-edge garage concepts during his studies.

“Design gets people moving. I see it everywhere: in the lines of a car that create simultaneous flow and tension, in the brushstrokes of a painting and in the interplay of structure and space in architecture ”, Hogue said.

According to Hogue, his business is made up entirely of “car guys and girls” who live and breathe for their vehicles. The team brings together building designers and manufacturers with over 30 years of industry experience and uses HSS tubular steel to create the buildings they design and manufacture.

“We thought we were going to put in place high-end garage construction packages that would allow other people like us to show their passion” Hogue said. “A special place for them and their cars: so we developed Metrongarage. “



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