Massive New La Gloria Cubana Hits Retail


A brand known for its thick cigars just got thicker. The La Gloria Cubana Serie R line now has a new mammoth size that measures 7 inches long with a ring gauge 70, the largest cigar in the series. Called Serie R No. 8, these huge smokes come in boxes of 15 units and sell for $11.99 each.

The cigars began shipping this month and have just arrived in stores across the United States.

When the La Gloria Cubana Serie R brand was created in 1997 by then owner Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, it was dedicated to thicker bands before the thick cigar trend took hold. After the sale of La Gloria Cubana to General Cigar Co., the brand continued on this path, continuing with Serie R No. 6, at 6 by 60, and Serie R No. 7 at 7 by 58.

Today, Serie R No. 8 takes the big La Glorias to the next level. Like the rest of the line, these behemoths are made in the Dominican Republic at the General Cigar Dominicana factory and consist of an Ecuadorian wrapper from Sumatra, a Nicaraguan binder and a tobacco filler from Nicaragua and the Republic. Dominican.

The La Gloria Cubana Serie R brand is distributed by Forged Cigar Co., a subsidiary of European giant Scandinavian Tobacco Group.

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