“Mason Mount proves his fan club is truly global after making the list of Ballon d’Or finalists” – Andy Dunn



Mason Mount was recently on the list of 30 candidates for the Ballon d’Or, proving that the Chelsea and England star is no longer just loved by his managers but rather admired across Europe.

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England practice before the game against Hungary

Not so long ago, Mason Mount’s biggest admirers, luckily for him, tended to be his managers.

Gareth Southgate and Frank Lampard were the president and vice-president of Mason’s fan club.

Now this fan club is truly global.

To follow his landmark achievements on the pitch, including his Champions League victory with Chelsea, Mount was shortlisted – albeit long – for the Ballon d’Or.

This means that very good judges rank Mount among the top thirty players in the world.

And while he won’t win the gong this time around, the importance of being nominated is not lost on Mount.

He says, “This is such a special thing. Growing up you watch the Ballon d’Or and how top of the top it is from a personal point of view.

Mount is one of the 30 finalists for the Ballon d’Or


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“To be nominated in the world’s top 30 is a dream come true.

And it’s special to be among the names that I admired when I was a kid. Being by their side shows that you can never stop working hard.

“And this is only the start of a long journey. Once you feel like you’re winning something and performing at the highest level, you gain that extra confidence to help you set new goals.

“It’s something I’ve always done, mentally.

“A Ballon d’Or nomination is one of the best things you can accomplish as a player, but I want to accomplish more and more of it.”

Mount, 22, isn’t the only member of the Southgate squad to be in the Ballon d’Or mix.

Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling were nominated, as was Phil Foden.

And after watching Foden, mostly from the side, give a masterclass in Andorra this weekend, Mount knows that the competition for England’s starting XI hasn’t been so fierce in very, very long time.

He said, “I was sitting on the bench closely and personally with him. I know what Phil is talking about, I have played against him several times, not only in a professional game but also in the academy.

“I know what Phil has in his locker and to see him do it on the big stage, like he’s done so many times, is special.

“The passes he sees, the passes he selects and the way he moves with the ball, he’s a high level, high level player.

“So you know that the level that we have in this group means that if you lower your level a little bit, it will not be accepted. The competition is so high, that’s what you want as a player to keep pushing yourself to that next level.

England will look to take one more step towards World Cup qualification when they face Hungary at Wembley – one more step towards another trophy chance.

Mount says, “We have always been humble but, at the same time, extremely confident in what we can do.

“We have shown in Euros what we are capable of and now that we have had this experience under our belt, we can continue to try to achieve something huge for the country. That has always been the goal. To be the best in the country. world, winning major tournaments.

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