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KAAT ashtrays come in two minor variations, both measuring approximately 7 inches long by almost 3 inches wide and just over 1 inch high. This ashtray was made in portoro marble.

The spectacular beauty of marble is evident if you’ve ever gazed at the Taj Mahal, looked at the Washington Monument, or even just purchased some countertops for the home. For centuries, humans have coveted metamorphic rock for its variety of colors, characteristic swirls, moody veined patterns, and uniqueness. After all, like a fingerprint, no two pieces of marble are exactly the same.

Considering the enticing rock’s natural resistance to heat, it’s hard to believe that a high-quality marble cigar ashtray was not available to hobbyists until now. A trip to India to research natural building materials inspired Sicilian architect Michele Cucchiara to change that, forming KAAT, an Italian company specializing in handmade marble cigar ashtrays. It begins with a slab from Iran or one of Italy’s famous marble quarries including Palermo, Carrara and Liguria. Expert craftsmen, or marmisti, then chisel, sand and shape the marble until it becomes an elegant cigar ashtray intended to hold a single cigar.

A half-barrel groove drilled along almost the entire length of the ashtray provides a comfortable support for your cigar. It hugs and adapts to fumes of all types, from small, thin coronas to long Churchills and even A-sizes. The weight of the ashtray reduces any unwanted movement that can cause the ashes to fall out of your cigar when it sits.

KAAT ashtrays come in two minor variations of shapes. They are both about 7 inches long by almost 3 inches wide and just over 1 inch high. They differ in the depth of the ashtray: one is a little over an inch deep, while the other is a little less than an inch. The pieces are offered in nine basic color groups. Each costs $ 530.


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