Letter: Like Progressive Democrats, Cline is a strong supporter of ideology | Letters


It is disappointing that no Republican congressman from Virginia crossed party lines to vote for the federal infrastructure bill that passed the House on Friday night. Sadly, Congressman Ben Cline was among them. Had Donald Trump taken the initiative to come up with such a plan during his presidency, Congressman Cline would have voted in favor.

Do the voters of the 6th constituency not see the benefit of improving infrastructure? Such improvements will not only benefit the economy by creating jobs, improving trade and commerce and leisure travel, but will also play a vital role in our defense. Every empire worth its salt had a solid infrastructure, and all who left theirs collapsed.

It’s bad enough that Republicans pose a problem with face masks during a pandemic and pursue non-existent racial agendas, but denying the need to improve our roads, bridges, railroads and airports is pushing the loyalty of people. gone to the extreme. Speaking of extremes, Congressman Cline was bipartisan in his no vote, siding with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. Servile dedication to a party can be as damaging to the common good as ideological extremism.


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