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Source: The LEGO Group

The LEGO Group is celebrating three years of its ‘Rebuild the World’ campaign with a new short film that showcases the power of play to foster essential skills such as creative problem solving.

The Tale of the Wet Knight postulates a world where a knight wishes to cross a river to meet a friendly bear, and a village comes together with the goal of devising creative ways to help him cross. The story dives into the real world to reveal that the entire story was fueled by the imagination and a group of kids working together through the LEGO game.

“We remain in awe of the creativity, optimism and resilience that children show every day – and how, through play, they can develop essential life skills not only to imagine but to create a better future,” said Julia Goldin, Head of Product and Marketing, The LEGO Group. “The Rebuild the World campaign is a celebration of this and provides a showcase for the inspiration we can all get as we come together and creatively collaborate to overcome challenges. “

The new short film was produced by LEGO’s internal marketing team at the LEGO agency.

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