lakhani: Group CEO Vishvaraj is eager to explore Europe now that restrictions have eased

Arun Lakhani, CEO of Vishvaraj Group, is happy that travel is back on the cards and he plans to visit Europe soon. “I can’t wait to visit Zurich, one of my favorite places. The city is filled with history, culture and architecture, ”he says, adding that its stunning location and lakes are just a few of the reasons it tops his list. “I love the little restaurants in Zurich’s old town and the cobbled streets. It is the city with the most breathtaking views, ”adds Lakhani.

Another place on the other side of the pond that makes his list is Manhattan which he says has a vibrancy that can’t be found anywhere else. And of course Broadway. “I can’t wait to see the amazingly awe-inspiring shows,” Lakhani said.

Closer to home, Lakhani would like to take time for a little rest and relaxation and visit Ananda in the Himalayas. “The serenity and the workouts, the massages and the golf course make for the perfect healthy vacation,” he shares. As for other delicacies aside from the food in Zurich old town, Lakhani loves Chinese food in Delhi Oberoi and the ambiance and food of Rambag, Jaipur.

Stay optimistic
Enjoying your free time is even more important when you have worked hard, and Lakhani attributes meditation and pranayama to helping you stay focused. “I have a penchant for spirituality. I practiced Vipassana, a form of ancient Buddhist mediation, to increase self-awareness and broaden my horizons. Meditation also helps improve concentration levels, so it’s a hack that helps me stay productive, especially during the confined and restrictive times of the pandemic, ”he says. When it came to its gear, upgrading to a big screen Mac was key to working from home. “It made it easier to attend multiple meetings a day,” he says.

Time spent with family also helped to stay positive. “We have had some of the best family times during the pandemic. We played board games, table tennis or just exercised. I am also a big fan of badminton and I loved watching the Olympics and seeing India win medals in badminton, ”he says. Another hobby he had more time for was writing – a forgotten hobby for Lakhani. “I even bought a new office,” he says.

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