Kumbh Mela 2021: the low attendance of the faithful worries the visionaries | Dehradun News

HARIDWAR: A week after the official start of Maha Kumbh, a limited number of pilgrims due to the Covid-19 RT-PCR report being mandatory, affects sighted people as well as hoteliers.
The clairvoyants said that they hardly receive any visitors to this festival. Hoteliers and other stakeholders in the tourism industry are also experiencing huge losses. According to sources, the turnout is less than a tenth of the expected figures.
Swami Ajay Giri, also known as “Rudraksh Baba”, whose camp is located in Tulsi Chowk in the city area, told TOI: “I belong to Niranjani akhada and I am from Haryana. I set up my camp after the Saints of Niranjani Akhada entered the city in March. But this time, the faithful do not visit the camp.
He added: “Only a few locals visit the camp. I also participated in Kumbh 2010, but this time the low attendance due to the application of the Covid-19 guidelines is a matter of great concern to the sighted community. Hope the devotees will come for the next shahi snan.
Khadeshwar Baba, another seer, also expressed similar sentiments. “Only limited pilgrims come to ask us for blessings. It doesn’t matter to the clairvoyants though. We have a duty to come to the Kumbh. ”
The saints of the seven sanyasi akhadas set up their camps while the saints of Bairagi began to camp in the area of ​​the Bairagi camp.
Besides, Kinnar akhada is another main attraction of Kumbh mela. Even though they were not secured any land to camp on, a few Kinnar Saints set up their camps near Juna akhada, where locals can often be seen taking selfies with them.
The low attendance of pilgrims from other states is also of great concern in the hotel industry. Vibhas Mishra, President of HaridwarThe hoteliers association of, said: “Kumbh mela was a great opportunity for the government to revive the hotel industry which has faced huge economic losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But the government has created a negative environment for Kumbh Mela. Recently the government tried to take a clear position, but it was too late. Now the result is that the pilgrims do not show much interest in visiting the mela.

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