Kukke Subramaniya temple elephant scares devotee away, mahout runs to rescue


Visiting a Hindu temple makes us receive the blessing of the elephant, which is also a fun activity for children who visit holy shrines, especially in southern India.

A recent video has gone viral, with 34.5 million views and more than 2 million likes, where an elephant at the Kukke Subramaniya temple in Karnataka is seen pushing aside a man who enters the temple. In the viral clip, we see the man nonchalantly entering the temple, passing the animal on his way, he barely crosses the elephant, which reacts violently to throw it aside preventing it from entering the temple. temple.

“The animal has no intention of harming anyone and is so calm in nature, but soon it can smell the smell of alcohol and thus be the reason for its attack on the man,” mahout Srinivas told One India Kannada.

Take a look at the video, here:

After seeing the video, several netizens reacted to the incident. One Instagram took to the comments section to write, “Elephant looks like ‘Eyy bidda idhi Naa Adda (Hey mate, don’t enter here)’,” while another typed in to read, ” The elephant looks like Kidhar Gushh raha hai hatth.. (where do you enter, stay away)”.

As the video was shared as a single reel with no idea what the incident was, many also responded, “Damn”, “Wtf! What’s wrong with the animal..” , this led to alerting netizens stating that the elephant quickly replied that he had smelled alcohol from the man who had tried to enter the sacred shrine of Kukke Subramaniya, and therefore to avoid the entrance of the drunk man, he had thrown him out.

Take a look at some reactions, here:

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Posted: Saturday December 18th 2021, 5:53 PM IST


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