Khajrana Ganesh temple donation boxes open, devotee writes letter asking for this great wish regarding election


Indore: Donation boxes have been opened at the popular Khajrana Ganesh temple in the city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. An amount of about Rs 35 lakh including 20-25 letters, gold-silver ornaments, iron piggy bank, foreign currencies, demonetized banknotes of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 were found in the donation boxes . Devotees wrote letters asking God to grant their wishes. A devotee even wrote that God removes duty from his election. Along with this, some devotees sought blessings to cure their illness.

On Tuesday, 5 donation boxes were opened, but they could not be counted. On Wednesday, more than 17 temple donation boxes were opened. In which the work of collecting thousands of coins and bills is carried out by the officers and employees of the temple management committee, the district treasury, the municipal corporation and other departments. After the arrival of the agents and bank employees, their count will be carried out. However, it is said that in the donation boxes that were opened, an amount of over 35 lakhs came out. Even more donation boxes have yet to be opened.

An iron piggy bank donated by a child was also found in the same donation box. However, only coins came out of it. Written on the piggy bank offered to the health of the parents. In addition, 20 of the 25 Danpetion letters. There is something sought after desire to quickly recover from their illness. At the same time, a devotee wrote in the letter that the duty should be removed from his election. According to Prakash Dubey of the temple management committee, gold and silver ornaments also came out in the donation boxes. In this, gold coins, gold durva, silver cow, silver snake, pajab, hand watch and other ornaments came out. Foreign currency also came out, including three Rs 1 thousand bills and two Rs 500 bills.

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