Kevin Gates was caught flirting with Summer Walker in the club. Where is Dreka? –


People wonder if the rapper Kevin doors‘marriage is in trouble after trending video of him flirting with summer walker in a club.


A video of Kevin doors and summer walker circulated on the internet. In the video, Kevin Gates is seen approaching summer Walker in the club. He grabs Summer’s hand flirtatiously as he introduces himself. In the comments, people pointed out summer looked uncomfortable with Doors’ touch her.

This isn’t the first time the “2 Phones” rapper has been alleged to have marital misconduct. Late last year, there was a rumor that Kevin Gates was getting closer to Rennie Rucci.

So, is Kevin coming out of his marriage to Summer Walker in his sights?

Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka have been in an open relationship for almost two decades. They were recently seen vacationing together for her birthday last month.

summer walker has been very open about how she suffers from social anxiety. Recently, she took to Instagram to let her fans know how the disorder is affecting her. Depending on who surrounds him, his personality changes.

Walker explained, “People with social anxiety have big, fun, boisterous personalities around people they’re comfortable around…if you have an aloof vibe, I just don’t trust you yet.”

This could explain why she appeared “closed” to Gates’ advances.

summer walker has been busy working on his hit album, always on it, and performing across the country. She also just released a new track in collaboration with SZA and Cardi B.


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