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Laz Alono, seen as Mother’s Milk in “The Boys,” is known for his intensity and sharpness. Viewers sometimes also get a glimpse of her lighter side

Laz Alonso, one of the stars of Prime Video’s Emmy-nominated TV series “The Boys,” has been smoking cigars for over 20 years. Alonso comes from a family of Cuban immigrants, and his roots are both a source of pride for the actor and something that played a notable role in introducing cigars into his life. With the third season of “The Boys” coming June 3, we got to know the man behind fan-favorite character Mother’s Milk and talked about his love of cigars.

“The Boys” is a cynical and contrasting take on the superhero genre. The superpowered characters of this world (known as “Supes”) are national celebrities who work for the powerful for-profit corporation Vought International. Headlining “The Seven,” the elite faces of the Supes, these otherworldly beings hold a well-guarded and influential reputation in the public eye, but behind closed doors are prone to behaving more like villains. . The Boys are a group of vigilantes who see the Supes for who they really are and are determined to bring them down. The series centers around the back-and-forth battle between the groups in a dark visual experience that’s graphically violent and unapologetic, yet consistently infused with humor.

Laz Alonso

Alonso has been smoking cigars for over 20 years and views fine smokes as a way to relax and bond with others

Alonso, 48, is built like an NFL linebacker, which suits his character on the show perfectly. Mother’s Milk is an intense and tactical member of The Boys who often finds himself in scenes loaded with action, humor and wisdom. “I like the fact that he always tells the truth, he doesn’t take any risks,” says Alonso. “And his super coiled, clean, structured mannerisms, it just makes it easier for him to become a punchline.”

Born and raised in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington DC, Alonso attended the nearby Howard University School of Business. “Playing has always been my goal, I always wanted to play but I knew I had to go to New York so I could start my career,” he says. He leveraged his business background to land a job in New York, working in a program for Merrill Lynch. When that ended, he decided it was time to become more of an actor.

“I started playing Off Off Off Off Broadway,” he says with a light laugh. “It was bad, but eventually, you know, my chops started to improve and I started to progress until I could move to Los Angeles and do it full time.” This last move is what Alonso considers the true beginning of his acting career, although he admits it was not easy from the start. “It took me a long time, man. I always say that I built this house brick by brick, role by role. Eventually, the house began to take shape, as he played the role of the main antagonist in fast furiousand most notably, played a major role in James Cameron’s hit film Avatar like the Na’vi warrior Tsu’tey.

The boys

The boys from the television series “The Boys”, played by, from left to right: Tomer Kapon, Karen Fukuhara, Karl Urban, Laz Alonso and Jack Quaid

Cigars run in Alonso’s family: His grandfather was a cigar roller in Cuba, rolling brands such as Hoyo de Monterrey and H. Upmann before eventually joining the family in the nation’s capital, even rolling cigars in some time for some influential politicians, according to Alonso. “My grandfather had just had a system, he had a friend, one of his best friends from his town in Cuba lived in Miami and sent him cigar leaves and fillers, binders, everything. And my grandfather set up a table in our house where he had all his tools and he sat there and rode all day,” says Alonso. “He knew all the members of Congress who bought him cigars, he knew their favorite flavors, their favorite cut, everything, and he custom-made them. So he had a nice little business in his later years and I was the driver.

Today, cigars are a source of pleasure, relaxation and camaraderie for Alonso. He’s a fan of Davidoffs, a sucker for limited-edition cigarettes, and relishes the opportunity to add Cubans to his collection while filming “The Boys” in Canada. On set, Alonso discovered the great joy of an after-lunch smoke during long days on set. “After lunch I usually sit outside in my trailer on the steps, open the door, have a little speaker playing and just smoke a little in the afternoon. It breaks up the day, it recharges me for the second half of the day,” he says. He often finds himself the host of makeshift forays with his castmates who slowly begin to gravitate towards his trailer to enjoy a cigar. “It’s really a bonding experience, you don’t even have to say a word, just sitting there smoking together, it’s just company.”

Such experiences played a small part in the relationship Alonso and his castmates formed on set. “We all really love each other and love the material, we love the characters, we love what we do, so everyone gives enough,” Alonso said.

The boys

The third season of “The Boys” begins today: three episodes will air on June 3, followed by a new episode every week for the next five weeks.

In the second season of “The Boys”, opposition to Vought grows, the superheroes fight each other, and Mother’s Milk and her team continue to fight. Heading into season three, Alonso says he expects a closer look at his character’s history, how he came to be, how he got his unusual nickname, and how the boys deal with it. increasing adversity. “You see, seasons one and two, The Boys were a family and it worked out perfectly, even when we disagreed, we stuck together,” he says. “This season is a bit different, the family is not working.”

The first three episodes of the third season of “The Boys” will premiere on Prime Video on June 3, with the rest airing weekly for the next five weeks.


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