Jay Cutler launches the Outsider cigar brand


Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, who spiraled for the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins during a 12-year career, has created his own brand of cigars. Called Outsider, the one-size smoke will be limited in production, selling for $30 apiece and packaged in boxes of 10. The cigars are 7 inches long by 50 rings, and the first batch of cigars left the Dominican Republic this week .

The smokes are made by Hendrik Kelner Jr., who used Ecuadorian Connecticut seed wrapper, Dominican binder, and a mix of Dominican and Peruvian filler. Some of the tobacco was grown on Kelner family farms, including farms owned by Kelner Jr.’s father, Henke Kelner, who once manufactured the Davidoff brand.

Cutler got into cigars early in his NFL career, with the Broncos, the first team he played for. “When I first got drafted in Denver [in 2006]Mike Shanahan was the coach, and he smoked cigars, loved cigars,” Cutler said. cigar lover. “At the end of every pre-season, he had a party at his house, and he always had someone rolling fresh cigars…that got me started.”

Cutler’s interest in cigars only increased during his last stop in the NFL, when he played with the Dolphins. “When I was in Miami, my senior year of 17, we used to go to cigar bars quite a bit, sit there and smoke, and that was a cool little intro.”

Cutler spent a lot of time and money in cigar bars in his hometown of Nashville. Sitting one night at Red Phone Booth, smoking Atabeys, Cutler thought he might have a way to save some money.

“I was like guys, we just rack up bills – can we just make our own cigars?” he said with a small laugh and a smile. “At some point it has to be cheaper.”

When it came time to figure out the mix on Outsider, Cutler left it to Kelner. He and his partners told the mixer they were looking for something smooth and a bit sweet, maybe with a hint of spice, and when they visited Kelner Jr.’s cigar factory, they sat down in front of four cigars, each with a different blend. Surprisingly, they loved the first one.

“I was like, this is amazing,” Cutler says with a smile.

The first batch of Outsider will only have 700 boxes, and Cutler plans to add more.

Outsider was founded by Cutler and Shannon B. Terry, the former owner of Rivals.com, 247Sports and other companies. Described as a media and lifestyle company, cigars are only a small part of the wide range of products that Outsider intends to bring to market.


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