Is it safe to go up to Pen y Fan alone? The walking group shares its verdict


An avid hiker asked if it was safe to ride Pen y Fan on his own to a popular Facebook group and was inundated with responses.

Many of the 80,000 members of the online Walking in Wales community were eager to deliver their own verdict and advice to anyone wishing to take up the hike.

The 886-meter-high mountain in the Brecon Beacons is generally an accessible walk for most, but can fall in rocky weather conditions.

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The question, posed by a woman, has been the subject of 99 comments, ranging from heartwarming offers of accompaniment to jaded “it will be fine”, to more pragmatic advice.

One commentator even joked, “Certainly not. Watch out for the dragons! which made three emoji laugh.

But the overwhelming reaction was, yes, but check the weather before you go and make sure someone knows where you are.

One group member said: “It’s easy to say ‘yes, you’re okay’, but if you’re not sure just make sure you have decent shoes, your phone, check the weather.

“I’ve ridden alone a few times and I’m fine, even in the snow, but I always plan ahead. “

Another said: “Everything people say is true, but beware as winter approaches.

“Pen-y-Fan is very different in December and January until summer. It can be very unpleasant at times.

Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons offers stunning views of the sunrise

One person responded to the comment saying, “Yes, always be prepared for a change in the weather. “

Many have commented that the Pen-y-Fan walk is so popular that you will rarely be alone on the trail.

One of them said: “I walked alone on Friday and talked to a lot of people. Still company at the top, a lot of ladies are walking.

And another said, “It’s like walking down a main street. “

One commentator suggested joining The Wild Wanderers, a Facebook group for women interested in hiking who can arrange to meet up with like-minded people.

The group has over 26,000 members and its Welsh subgroup has over 1,600 members.

The overwhelming response from people who know Pen-y-Fan best, Wales hikers, is that Pen-y-Fan can safely climb alone, but be sure to check the weather and let someone know your position.

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