Is Bullet Club the thing to make new Japan hot again?


Launched in 2013, led by Prince Devitt, Bullet Club is one of the oldest factions in professional wrestling. With its seeds firmly planted in New Japan Pro Wrestling, the band has gone through several iterations, led by Devitt, AJ Styles, Kenny Omega and currently Jay White. Throughout the various eras of Bullet Club there have been varying successes, with the Omega and White tracks being arguably the best. Having fallen a bit since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, NJPW has fallen into a holding pattern over the past two years, due to a creative drought, poor bookings and pandemic restrictions that all hurt the business. some effect. One area that has started to heat up again in recent months is the Bullet Club faction. If NJPW wants to regain its popularity, could the massive unity led by Gaijin be the key to success?


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The Bullet Club recently added new members, including Juice Robinson and The Good Brothers

One exciting aspect of Bullet Club is their size. While an argument could certainly be made that enough is enough and that there is a limit on members before it gets too much, currently it feels like Bullet Club has a pretty good size. After betraying the Guerillas of Destiny earlier this year, the group would kick out Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa and Jado before adding Juice Robinson, The Good Brothers and Impact’s Ace Austin. Prior to that, Impact Wrestling’s X Division star Chris Bey would also be recruited.

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With names like Bey and Ace being exciting additions outside of the normal NJPW roster, Bullet Club has recruited two young and exciting new members for the future of the group. Anderson and Gallows’ return was also quite notable, as the former won the NEVER Openweight Championship in his first NJPW match, while Juice Robinson’s shock arrival to the group led to the former babyface star to win the IWGP United States Championship. .

Bullet Club has expanded into AEW and impact wrestling

Thanks to wrestling as crazy as ever in 2022, with doors open between NJPW, Impact Wrestling, and AEW, Bullet Club has its ranks spread across the board. With Bullet Club still somewhat aligned with The Elite in AEW, and the faction having several actual members in the Impact Wrestling roster, Bullet Club is more global than ever, something other factions in NJPW don’t have as much of. claim to.

With Bullet Club featured in multiple companies, it’s no wonder the group remains one of wrestling’s most popular factions, and arguably the most popular group in New Japan. Being able to showcase their own storylines and wrestlers on Impact Wrestling or AEW means there’s a higher chance that a non-NJPW fan will get hooked and end up checking out what’s happening in New Japan, which is incredibly valuable.

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Bullet Club is currently the most interesting faction in new Japan

While some die-hard NJPW fans might not be a fan of seeing the Outlander, Gaijin Stable dominate the promotion, it’s hard to deny that in 2022, Bullet Club has always been the most interesting faction in the company. With Jay White returning to Japan and defeating Okada to become IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, the additions of the Good Brothers, Juice Robinson and Ace Austin, the elevation of El Phantasmo and the betrayal of the Guerillas of Destiny, Bullet Club is more interesting now. than it has been for years.

Going forward, it seems clear that Bullet Club isn’t going anywhere in NJPW, with a lot of focus remaining on the group. While they may not be as hot as they were under Kenny Omega’s management, Jay White’s current run as leader has led to some major angles, in particular a very compelling storyline between White and his former friend, Tama Tonga. If NJPW still wants to heat things up, finally delivering the Bullet Club Civil War storyline that’s been teased for years could be a huge draw for the company. Either way, with so many factions in the company, every unit could use the level of storytelling and intrigue that Bullet Club brings to the table.


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