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Tuesday was National Beer Lover’s Day, and there is perhaps no greater lover than Daniel Lowe of Inverell. His passion for craft beer was sparked at the start of his many trips abroad in a much freer era before COVID, and since then he has not only sampled “thousands” of different blends, but even tried to stir his own. “I love craft beer,” he laughed, happy to please The Times with stories on his favorite subject. READ ALSO From tasting innovative craft beers in America, tasting conservative beauties in Germany, and deeply appreciating the blend of cultures in bountiful Prague and Canada, he hasn’t tried much. Imagine it: 2014 in Colorado, America, and Daniel walks into a bar. “I drank beer before that, but a love of craft beer? I discovered that in Colorado, because the scene there was just huge,” he said. But Denver blew his mind. “I was a kid in a candy store,” walking into a pub with a hundred draft beers. “[The scene] was nowhere near as big in Australia at the time, but the scene here really exploded and my love for Australian craft beer really grew. “The Purity Law” – Reinheitsgebot – makes it illegal to consume beer with ingredients other than the four basic ingredients of water, yeast, hops and grains. “They don’t have any frills, but what they have is very, very good,” he noted. “They are incredibly smart and inventive in how they can combine these four ingredients.” Back home, he bought himself a craft beer subscription in an effort to familiarize himself with all that Southern Grande Terre had to offer, sharing photos and reviews on social media almost daily for months. “It wasn’t a personal project as such, it was more: I love beer, I’m just going to keep posting on Instagram. It’s my passion and I want to share it.” After visiting hundreds and hundreds of breweries across the seas and closer to home, Daniel even tried his hand at his. “I did some pretty experimental stuff, got some failed lots of course, but he did some really interesting things,” he said, listing the red maple ale, the lager beer. with passion fruit, coffee stout – to name a few. “My advice? Get out of your comfort zone. Experiment with grains rather than just a malt extract. Experiment with different kinds of yeast. Experiment with different styles – the more you experiment, the more you learn and the better your home brewing is. . ” CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE EMAILS WITH THE BEST LOCAL NEWS AND STORIES, AS WELL AS OUR NEWS ALERTS While no longer brewing – “I’m leaving that to the experts” – he now devotes himself to managing the welder’s dog. Inverell, a work apparently designed for him. “The best styles I would recommend would be a hoppy NEIPA first,” he explained. “I wish I didn’t get past a sweet porter either, but I also have a soft spot for a German Pilsner or Witbeir. He says it was very clear that Inverell” is full of beer lovers “just like him. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:




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