In Ambaji, PM Modi will become a devotee, and after seeing Amba, he will participate in Gabbar Aarti News WAALI


In Ambaji, PM Modi will become a devotee, and after seeing Amba, he will participate in Gabbar Aarti

Ambaji: Today is the second day of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tour of Gujarat. PM Modi leaves today to visit Ambaji. Where will give the donation of development work crores. Special arrangements have been made in the temple for the arrival of PM Modi. After addressing the public meeting, Prime Minister Modi will travel to Amba. Where Kapoor will perform Aarti, Pooja. Bhattji Maharaj will lead the puja. After Amba darshan, he will participate in Gabbar Aarti.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reach Ambaji through the Government of India’s Vikas Yatra and pay homage to the development of Rupee Crores. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaches Ambaji via the highway, he will first address the huge public square of Chikhla on the development journey of not only Gujarat but the whole of India. Also in Ambaji, Bhumipujan will be done for development works worth 53 crores for various pilgrim facilities. While he will also carry out the plan to connect Ambaji to the railway. E will inaugurate Prasadam Yojana of Bypass Road Mandir Trust in Ambaji with Bhumi Poojan from various housing projects. After addressing the public meeting of Ambaji, he will proceed to the Ambaji temple for darshan, then perform the Mahaarti at Gabbar and complete the Yatra of Ambaji.

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Shaktipeeth Ambaji donned a new look to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The colorful lighting on Gabbar Mahaarti’s path from the Ambaji Shaktipeeth circle created a magnificent sight. Not only that, the road is decorated with carvings prepared by sapti carvers during Sleepotsav.

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