Ime Udoka joins the club


According to the call he received from Bill Belichick shortly after taking over from the Celtics, along with the head coaches of Boston’s other professional teams, Imé Udoka has already been welcomed into the local fraternity.

And as someone who lives in downtown Boston, Udoka sees reminders everywhere of just how enraged this corner of the sports world can be, with Tom bradyReturning from Foxboro on Sunday night was an interesting and hot time.

“It is a known thing no matter where you are from or where you are in the country,” the Celtics coach said after Saturday practice. “You know the Boston fan base and you know how passionate they are about all of their teams. Obviously, they’ve had a ton of wins here so that spawns that success as well and carries over to all sports.

“So in regards to that Bill Belichick reached out to me. These guys all called me up and welcomed me into town and into the franchise, and to say we’re a big family here. He said. “And you can’t help but hear the hype about Brady’s comeback. Even though I’m not from here and I’m not from this part of the country, you know the importance of the history it has here and the winning tradition.

“Obviously it’s a huge story nationwide, but you can feel it all over town. I stay downtown where I see people coming and going for Red Sox games, so that’s what I like about the city in general. Expectations are high, they are passionate about their teams. And tomorrow’s game is obviously a huge thing, so I’m looking forward to that.

Captains to be appointed

Udoka said he plans to appoint two team captains. Jaylen brown immediately offered Al horford as a candidate. Marcus Intelligent, who probably wouldn’t turn down the title, said he didn’t care – that everyone could lead in their own way.

“It wouldn’t matter to me whether I was a captain or not. To have this title of captain does not mean anything. It’s just a title, ”he said. “Anyone can be a captain. We are all captains there. We lead and show our captain-ism in different ways. I don’t think it was a problem last year because we didn’t have captains. We all grew up here. I have to go ahead and do your job, plain and simple. Everyone is there to help each other and one goal in mind and that is to help bring a championship to this team. If we eliminate the captains, that’s good, that’s great. We don’t, same thing. No matter.

“Yes, definitely,” he said when asked if the title was overkill. “We’ve all grown up, like I said. Everyone is here for a reason, everyone is here because they can do something special. College is a little different. We’re all in the NBA, we’re all professionals, so the captain, yeah, it’s getting overkill here. It’s OK. It’s like that. We understand it. But like I said you can’t let that really affect us, go ahead and do what we have to do.

Juice for 7uice

Most of Brown’s teammates showed up at his 7uice store opening in the Seaport District on Friday, but this is no ordinary retail launch. The Celtics forward’s hope, with his 7uice foundation, is to donate most of the profits.

“I guess that’s important, the business side, but really, I plan to do a lot of things for the community through my brand, like giving a lot of stuff for free to the people who need it most. Give a lot of things, ”he said. “For me the commercial part is drugs, but I plan to give a lot of it to the people who need it most and things like that in the community.

“The idea is just to have a brand and to have your supported family and the people around you supporting you, that’s the concept of dope to make a lot of money,” Brown said. “I plan on trying to make a difference more than making money. So for me, I plan to give a lot of gifts to places in need. And the people who pay for it, you will pay for those who need it. The brand will therefore be built around raising awareness in the community.


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