IGEL cancels hardware – resellers are in safe hands with ADN Group


ADN Group, the VAD market leader for IGEL solutions in Europe, now offers resellers new seamless business opportunities.

BOCHUM, NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA, GERMANY, Nov. 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — IGEL has just announced the discontinuation of its own line of thin client hardware products, including the UD2, UD3 and UD7, as well as ‘a new marketing strategy as a 100 percent software provider. The changes include formal agreements with HP, LG and other hardware vendors to pre-install IGEL software on their devices.

“As a partner from the start, we have been supporting IGEL very successfully for more than two decades. Together, we have become the market leader in Europe on the subject of thin clients and have actively prepared the transformation of IGEL into pure vendor software for months. Therefore, this is more of a transition than a break. With LG and HP, we already have two certified hardware manufacturers in our portfolio, and other manufacturers of cloud devices with IGEL OS will follow.In addition to IGEL OS cloud devices, we distribute IGEL licenses throughout Europe and are proud to continue to operate the only authorized IGEL training center in Europe.Warranty and RMA guarantees for IGEL devices already purchased continue to apply. For new requests, we have the best alternatives in our No partner is left behind, we provide devices and solutions with which s resellers can not only retain existing business, but even gain lucrative sales,” says VDI pioneer Hermann Ramacher, CEO of ADN Group.

Interesting market opportunities

Around 500 million enterprise PCs are in use, cloud workspaces are growing rapidly. That’s why IGEL makes the logical decision to commit all available resources to be the secure software platform and operating system for the next generation of computing (VDI, DaaS, SaaS). But for resellers, this does not mean a reduction, on the contrary: new hardware partnerships offer existing IGEL customers even greater flexibility in their choice of form factor and manufacturer. Ramacher explains: “IGEL expects that 15-20% of future enterprise terminals will be equipped with a lightweight Linux operating system. This means that the market that IGEL will address will grow from 5 million thin clients today to approximately 40 million devices per year. – a potential 700% increase in sales. This is where we see great opportunities for our partners to develop lucrative offerings in this exciting market with IGEL hardware partners and their services. »

Reaction from resellers

IGEL has been selling thin client hardware since 2001 – in the DACH region, primarily through ADN Group. Therefore, the ADN Group was the first to present the innovations in a webinar to more than 500 dealers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The feedback is unanimous: IGEL resellers, who appreciate the value of IGEL as a software platform and operating system, understand the change. IGEL remains the #1 leader in providing managed device operating systems for secure access to every digital workplace. IGEL also retains support and warranty (like the industry’s famous 5-year warranty) even in the event of hardware replacement. In addition, the positive reception of the news is supported by beautiful packages at attractive prices: until the end of 2022 there are attractive offers for the IGEL UD3, the HP t640 and the LG CL600i, each in conjunction with IGEL OS11 Select. While supplies last, customers can continue to purchase IGEL UD2/3/7 devices through ADN Group until the end of sale on March 31, 2023, and beyond. Existing customers have the option to replace existing IGEL devices with HP or LG hardware, but continue to use existing IGEL software. All existing active perpetual licenses are guaranteed to migrate to IGEL OS12. As of January 1, 2023, only the IGEL subscription model will be available for new purchases.

VAD active preparation as alpha and omega

“Thanks to our foresight and preparation, we are well positioned and can now seamlessly offer our resellers ways to extend their business models with one-on-one support and consistent solution bundles and highly devices including pre-configured software. Instead of an announced reduction, there are fantastic new business opportunities for thin client and IGEL enthusiasts – and those who will become such”, summarizes Hermann Ramacher.

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