How DijahSB Overcame Every Obstacle To Release Their New EP


Even Canada’s fastest-rising MC still has hurdles to overcome.

Things couldn’t have looked more promising for DijahSB after celebrating their back-to-back debuts 2020 the album and last year head above the waters, which not only garnered widespread Canadian coverage, but also a shoutout from the one and only Kid Cudi. But just as the rising Toronto rapper was building on that momentum for a follow-up, 2022 The EP, they were caught unawares by an important employee’s amateur move. Luckily, DijahSB didn’t let this mar them, and the agility it took to recover resulted in songs that give them a sense of accomplishment that rivals the fanfare the EP received. As the rapper put it on Twitter on March 7th in response to praise for 2022 Key track “Been a Star”:

The beatmaker’s annoying disappearance didn’t end there, but also on four of the EP’s other five tracks, DijahSB tweeted.

At the request of Complex Canada, The rapper said, “It feels amazing to have people stand up for the records I’ve had to change.” That’s because it scraped in time with the rapper’s strict spelling of the beat. The failure of such an essential part of their process made them “doubt a little if it would sound as natural or as good as the originals”.

IInstead, DijahSB, in contrast, has basked in praise, saying, “Some people even say the newer beats sound better.”

The damage control was done courtesy of Cheap Limousine. His music couldn’t sound more different than his name, brimming with what DijahSB calls “beautiful synths and drum loops,” which has led the pair to collaborate on a number of previous songs like “C’est La Vie” and “Mama Said.” .” Cheap Limousine, on the other hand, told Complex via Instagram DM that DijahSB is a pleasure to work with because they “sound old and new at the same time. That’s what I look for in new artists.”

Image via Roya Delsol

The rest 2022 Track “Things” was produced by popular live Canadian hip hop band Keys N Krates. In an email, the trio detailed how they created the beat off the top of their head, and were delighted that DijahSB was rewarded with a “take a rough approach to it, and just spit out some real stuff from a real place.”

2022 The remaining contributor, rising R&B heartthrob Terrell Morris, called DijahSB’s work ethic “unmatched”. Morris laid down his feathery upper register on the “Green Line” single and EP key track. It’s an ode not only to the TTC, but to the passengers who commute in the Toronto economic pressure cooker for more flashy transportation and other status symbols. Terrell has no doubt that DijahSB will continue to climb this ladder and many others, saying: I’ve known them personally for over a decade and every song I’ve heard is better than the last. It is very fulfilling to work with someone who brings all their skills to their work. So when they asked me to join Green Line, I jumped at the opportunity.”

“We are not afraid to stand up for queer artists in Canada. Because we exist and we are here and we have support. But compared to other places I’m actually not so sure.”

Be it Keys N Krates, Cheap Limousine, go-to head above the waters Producer Harrison or others tell DijahSB that one element unites their diverse collaborators: “A lively atmosphere. Lo fi house hip hop fusion. This is my bag.”

The rapper who breaks out a mini Canada tour this month, hit a similar lyrical sweet spot 2022. They dismantle rivals who bring “a weapon to a bomb fight,” then compare themselves to NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon on key track “Daily” (although they concede a more accurate basketball comparison would be the subtly impactful Allen Iverson, of which one Poster visible adorns DijahSB’s bedroom wall during our Zoom call).

Yes, these boasts are riveting fun. But the MC is all the more adept at down-to-earth, soulless rhymes. prime examples 2022 contain bars about taking out payday loans and struggling to keep the utilities running. DijahSB’s vivid snapshots of such strains aren’t just “things I’ve been through and conquered” as a former retail clerk, getting by in expensive Toronto until they made it big in hip-hop. The rapper also wants to soothe struggling fans through music. And when an older artist who had done the same for DijahSB screamed out their music, the Toronto rapper knew they were now part of a special lineage.

Yes, none other than Kid Cudi, with his raspy voice and tender heart, retweeted one of DijahSB’s performances last summer and called it “delicious.” That inspired the younger artist to release an entire EP with the title Yummy Raps, Vol. 1. But beyond that, the co-signing gave DijahSB a special “confidence boost.” After all, as the Canadian artist puts it, Cudi was “one of the originators of being open and vulnerable, getting to the point and expressing true feelings in front of millions of people. He’s one of those who broke this ground.

Today, fans wouldn’t stop agreeing with DijahSB picking up the Cudi vulnerability flare — they’d also call the up-and-coming rapper an innovator in their own right, a proud, non-binary artist in a genre once synonymous with homophobia and homophobia toxic masculinity was notorious. So, find DijahSB in good company alongside other Canadian MCs like Backxwash (who won the Polaris award with the goth-rap groundbreaker). God has nothing to do with it, let him out of itand cited transgender visibility in hip-hop) and Haviah Mighty (their youngest stock exchange contains the queer rap narrative “Coulda Been U”)?

DijahSB admits not having considered this idea, but agrees: “WWe’re not afraid to advocate for queer artists in Canada. Because we exist and we are here and we have support. But compared to other places I’m actually not so sure.”

Dijah SB
Image via Vonny Lorde

Separately, some LGBTQ+ fans have told DijahSB how empowering their music has been. For the rapper, this is “beyond anything I could have dreamed of. I never realized until then that I could do a lot for the community in this way. That it’s more than just the music.”

But of course, DijahSB deftly mixes LGBTQ+ representation, mental health, economic turmoil, and other meaningful issues with a fun-loving flow that leaps as sure-footedly as the beats of its staff. However, this contemporary yet timeless quality that Cheap Limousine has praised will incorporate new tonal colors. DijahSB is calling 2022 The EP one final collection of songs fans were dying to hear before plunging into a more experimental album with new producers.

DijahSB says, “The EP should remind everyone, ‘This is what I do.’ But you never want to get too comfortable or for things to start sounding the same. So hopefully my next album will be something that’s still me, but new and different and fresher-sounding.”


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