How Adani Group looks to the cricket ground for management lessons


Picture this: the organization you work for has state-of-the-art gyms, yoga centers, and running tracks. Moreover, it also hosts cricket leagues, football matches, marathons, kabaddi, tennis tournaments et al. Hard to imagine, right?

Kaptan Singh couldn’t imagine it either. As a sports enthusiast, he graduated with a heavy heart thinking that he won’t be able to devote much time to sports once he enters the corporate world. Only 9 months after his first job, he played in the Agri Cricket League, the Cricket Tennis Tournament and currently, he is one of the Fortune Fighters team players in the ongoing Adani Cricket League (ACL) .

It has been more than a decade since ACL, the brainchild of Adani Group, set foot in the cricketing sphere and its evolution has brought about massive tectonic shifts in the lives of employees. With a championship title at stake, Adanians put their ideas into place to design strategies and come together to practice nets. There is a spirit of competition, but such events also allow employees to relax, interact with each other and improve interpersonal relationships as well as health and fitness.

Back after 2 years due to physical distancing in the pandemic world, it’s the 10and edition of ACL which brought together employees from various parts of the country at their headquarters in Ahmedabad to foster a sense of camaraderie and team spirit. Keeping pace with the IPL fever, the ACL is also warming up and includes 16 teams, who have been fighting for glory since last month and are waiting to be crowned champions on April 30, 2022. Interestingly, quality cricket is on show at Adani Shantigram cricket ground as some of the players went there and did.

Along with team engagement, the ACL also has the benefit of physical exercise which helps reduce stress and channel energy in a positive way. (Source: Adani Group)

Bhavesh Panchal, 36, who has been playing in the ACL since its inception in 2010, says: “Over the years the game has made me fitter, but what I have achieved more is to bond with so many people. At the end of each game and day, I built a good relationship not only with my team, but with the other teams, I felt happier and in charge of achieving everything.” The league, he adds, made the team feel like they could handle tough situations together, as a team.

Along with team engagement, there is also the benefit of physical exercise which helps reduce stress and channel energy in a positive way. The other aspect is, of course, building a team spirit. “It’s valuable because it creates a sense of ‘we’. Individuals relate much more to their colleagues, get to know each other and understand other aspects of you. make friends beyond my team and feel part of the company in such a short time,” Kaptan, 26, says good-naturedly.

Sport not only eliminates prejudice, but also releases fear. It also teaches us to accept failure; that winning and losing is as much a part of a game as it is of life. Bipin Maheshwari, 36, has learned important life lessons playing in league matches. After losing the trophy for 3 consecutive years, his team won it in 2014. He vividly remembers the day they had to make 2 runs in 1 ball and the moment of victory. But sadly, they lost the 2022 ACL trophy which initially seemed like an easy win to them. “It wasn’t our day. We lost, but my team doesn’t blame any player because we are a team. Even if defeat tastes bitter, mutual support makes it sweet,” Bipin shared on his return to Mundra, “We will be back next year – stronger, fitter and better prepared.”


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