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Playmobil presents the new “Duck on Call” preschool range in 2022 | Source: Playmobil

Horst Brandstätter Group – parent company of Playmobil – has released an update on its sustainability goals for the brand while simultaneously offering a preview of some new products for 2022.

According to Horst Brandstätter, Playmobil and Lechuza (a sister company that makes injection-molded planters for the home and garden) are being spent on being carbon-neutral and emission-free by 2027. Additionally, the brands will be “as circular as possible” by 2027. 2030 using closed material cycles. Horst Brandstätter has already pledged to invest around 50 million euros (around 57 million US dollars) in climate protection in the coming years.

Discover the Planet

In an effort to extend its sustainability initiatives directly to the toy department, Playmobil will introduce a new product segment this year called “Discover the Planet”. The vast new line of toys is produced using an average of 80% sustainable materials, including post-consumer recycled materials and bio-based plastics. Some of the materials used in the line come from recycled plastic from discarded refrigerators.

According to Playmobil, the range “symbolizes growing up in a world where animals and nature are valued and protected”. Discover the Planet will launch in July.

Knight Rider and Discover the Planet | Source: Playmobil

Duck on call

Duck on Call is a new preschool theme that will be released as an animated series on YouTube from March. The inaugural toy line is shipping and is built around a character called Ducklas, a boy turned into a duck by “the mysterious Mr. Hans”. The range includes headquarters play alongside police, fire and other rescue vehicles.

“Children have been involved in the development of the play features from the start, explains Roger Blaster, Playmobil business unit manager. “Special attention has been paid to their ergonomics and their play needs.

Knight Rider + Iconic Vehicles and Classic Cars

As previously reported, Playmobil joins forces with Universal Brand Development to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Knight Rider. The Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) joins the Playmobil line with a working scanner light, authentic series sounds and a trio of characters: Michael Knight, Devon Miles and Bonnie Barstow.

Playmobil plans to toll our additional “iconic vehicles” later this year as part of its Classic Cars product line. Three of the most recent offerings are the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.79, the Mini Cooper and the Mercedes-Benz Gullwing 300 SL.

This growing segment is aimed at both children and “kidults”.


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