He doesn’t play for Monterrey, Tigres or America, but his club protected him with a million dollar clause

A Liga MX player who does not play for Monterrey, Tigres or America has a million dollar buyout clause.

Mexican soccer has always been one of the most commercially successful tournaments and is an industry that, year after year, generates millions of dollars in profits for clubs, players and, of course, for the managers of MX League. For this reason, it is not uncommon for Liga MX to manage millions of dollars for certain players.

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While it’s common for those million-dollar numbers to go to the most powerful teams in the league, such as Monterrey, tigers and of course, Americaa club that belongs to Television, the largest and most powerful media company in Mexico. And it is common for these clubs to have players earning more than $2 million per year.

However, what is not common is for teams that are not on the aforementioned list to invest real fortunes in their players, let alone to protect them so that other clubs cannot take them away, and if they do, they are leaving them a financial windfall of millions of dollars, and this kind of information has just surfaced.

Although he hasn’t played for Monterrey, Tigres or America, his club has a millionaire clause to protect him

According to information from ESPN journalist René Tovar, Colombian striker Julián Quiñones was shielded by Atlas with a termination clause between 10 and 15 million dollarsand this information was made public by the editor of ESPN portals and editions in Central America, who was asked by a Twitter user about the probable departure of Quiñones from the Zorros.

The fan asked the journalist if it was possible for Quiñones to leave Mexico’s most recent two-time soccer champion, to which the journalist claimed it was impossible since the Colombian striker still has a contract with Atlas and his termination clause costs a fortune. .

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