Hamlet Paredes leaves Rocky Patel


After seven years with Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, Hamlet Paredes left the company to work as an industry consultant.

Paredes started as a cigar roller in Cuba’s Partagás factory before becoming an ambassador for Habanos SA where he performed in-store rolling demonstrations around the world. Cigar maker and brand owner Rocky Patel met Paredes at one such event in London and, impressed with his knowledge, offered Paredes a job.

Paredes signed with Patel in 2015 and his first brand, Tabaquero Hamlet Paredes, hit the market that year. It was the first time that Paredes had worked with non-Cuban tobacco.

Although Paredes stepped down in late August, Rocky Patel still owns full ownership of the Hamlet lines as well as the trademark of the Hamlet name, which includes brands such as Liberation by Hamlet and Hamlet 25th Year. According to Nish Patel, executive vice president of the company, Tabaquero Hamlet Paredes is being discontinued while Rocky Patel will continue to produce the other Hamlet cigars, which account for approximately 1% of total sales. Paredes never had any equity in the cigars he made for Rocky Patel, according to Patel.

“He left on a high and we’re still friends,” says Patel cigar lover. “We wish him the best.”

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