Guardians of the Galaxy are a group of superheroes who protect the File size varies greatly from platform to platform.


Players will have many platform options for the Guardians of the Galaxy game from Square Enix and Eidos Montreal, as they do for so many other games now available. With current-generation consoles available for less than a year, players will be able to experience the escapades of Marvel’s team of cosmic heroes whether they’re on Xbox or PlayStation. However, PlayStation gamers need to be careful about which platform they download it to due to a significant file size difference between the PS4 and PS5.

Despite being a single player title, the latest Square Enix Marvel game comes with a relatively large installation file for PS4 owners of around 59 GB. PS5 version, by comparison, was almost half the size, as Zuby_Tech, “tech enthusiast” and “PS gamer” pointed out on Twitter. Guardians of the Galaxy on PS5 comes with an install file size of around 31 GB.

The Guardians of the Galaxy follow the team as they navigate the galaxy still recovering from a massive war that has weakened several major powers. After the team’s final job ends in a seemingly minor accident, the Guardians find themselves in the crosshairs of the Church of Universal Truth and its leader, Grand Unifier Raker. This leads Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot on a journey through the stars where they also cross paths with Adam Warlock and the Nova Corps while trying to stop Raker and the church.

Zuby attributes this to the Kraken compression technology inside the PS5. Kraken is a small, but very useful feature of the PS5 console that helps compress files and reduce the overall file size on the platform. This is beneficial for PS5 owners simply because it will allow them to keep more games on the system at a time without deleting games or exporting them to an additional storage device.

Kraken will really start to shine once third-party studios ditch development for PS4 and Xbox One, allowing teams to focus solely on optimizing the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions of their games. Over time, this could be a smart selling point for Sony to build on the PS5.

Since the PS5 has only been available for about a year, there aren’t many titles currently available that highlight the advantage that Kraken gives the system. That said, Kraken’s file compression will only become more noticeable over time and more titles will be released on PS5. Console Exclusives will likely be the first set of titles to see some kind of consistent file reduction thanks to Kraken, as studios like Insomniac Games, Sony Santa Monica, and Sucker Punch just have to worry about game development. for PS5.

Guardians of the Galaxy is currently available on GeForce Now, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy are a group of superheroes who protect the File size varies greatly from platform to platform.
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