Group of car enthusiasts lash out at ‘clumsy’ police after canceled meeting



The organizer of a canceled car enthusiast’s meeting has denounced the police – after the force falsely claimed the event was still taking place.

Staffordshire Police have warned anyone planning to be in the Tesco Meir Park car park later in the day that they risk being slapped with coronavirus fines and having their vehicle seized.

But Clubs United – which is behind the event – says it never took place this weekend due to current coronavirus restrictions. This was to raise funds for the mental health group Men Unite.

Clubs United brings together the ‘Staffordshire car scene’. He has not organized an event since March due to the pandemic.

The 31-year-old founder said: “The event has been postponed since March. The police have knocked on our doors and know the events are postponed, but they continue to issue statements to say that we are organizing the event.

“When we are able to do that, we have permission from Tesco and his charity to run it in the parking lot, but the police pretend we are just going into a parking lot and spinning around like idiots, but This is not the case.

“We will have marshals who will go around and watch the parking lot.

“We will set a date and once it is close we will push it back for five weeks until we find out what is going on with the coronavirus.

“We do not risk the health and safety of people. One of our administrators was seriously ill from Covid-19. We know people close to us who have had it and we would not impose it on people.

“We are a million percent unfairly treated by the police. We are not doing anything wrong. You get weird idiots breaking out and hitting, but we have marshals to stop it.

“The lockdown has hit a lot of people and they are killing themselves because they have no one to talk to. We were going there to show that we are there and if you want to talk to us you can, we are not just cars. You are not alone in this case.

“We have to wait for the levels to come down to do something.

“We contacted the police. They have come to us and know where we live, they have our numbers and can contact us whenever they want. Rather than doing that, they’re just clumsy.

“We informed the police of all our events. We called them and let them know what we are doing.

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“The majority of people say we are not doing anything wrong. We don’t run at full speed in the parking lots, there has never been an accident at any of our competitions, no one has been run over and we are not idiots.

“They make us feel like we’re anti-social, but it’s not like we’re sitting there cranking our engines until 3 in the morning. We go from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and then it’s over. We don’t want to make noise after 10 p.m.

“If they want to ask us questions, they could contact us, we are not hiding or keeping anything secret, our Facebook page is public. We are genuine people who try to have a good time and support good causes. “

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