Fuente ships rare roses, including two new sizes


The latest release from Arturo Fuente Rare Pinks, a line of biker jackets that help a very good cause, started shipping yesterday. Among the shipments are a pair of long-awaited new sizes.

One, called The Sophisticated Hooker, was first puffed almost a year ago by the audience at the Big Smoke Meets WhiskyFest seminar in November 2021. The cigars were originally meant to be on market much earlier, but Fuente delayed the release date when the company decided to change the number of boxes from 10 to 20.

“We wanted to do something really spectacular with this cigar,” Fuente said. cigar lover today. “The box is big, it’s a box of 20, a big box of 20, and the cigars are well over a year old. We wanted to wait. Making these boxes was not easy. We shipped all over the country all at once, and we held it all back to make a splash, to try to raise as much money as possible for breast cancer research.

The Sophisticated Hooker is quite large, 7 1/16 inches long with a 53 ring gauge, and has a suggested retail price of $17.70. The cigar’s unusual name may conjure up something obscene, but the double meaning comes from the name of a large fishing boat. Fuente remembers fishing in Key West when he was young.

Carlos Fuente Jr. and Gordon Mott smoking the Arturo Fuente Rare Pink Sophisticated Hookers on stage with the audience in November 2021. (Photo/Zak Bennet)

The new Queen of Hearts size (4 1/4 by 60) was also included in this shipment. It sells for $14.70. This also comes in boxes of 20 units.

Rare Roses aren’t just high quality cigars (the original four sizes scored 92-93 points in their debut Cigar initiate tasting vertical brands), these are cigars made for a good cause. Thirteen dollars from each box is donated to a breast cancer research charity. And the cigar world has come to love it.

“It’s become one of our most sought-after extensions,” Fuente says. “Who would have thought that a pink box would become so sought after?

The Rare Pink line was created by Fuente in late 2020. The cigars have dark Ecuadorian wrappers, Dominican binders, and a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos. They are not shipped regularly and are produced in smaller quantities than most other Fuente cigars, making them a difficult find in cigar shops.

For an evaluation of the new Rare Pink sizes, see an upcoming issue of Cigar initiate.

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