Fuente holding a charity dinner in the Grand Havana Hall in New York City



If you’ve never been to New York’s Grand Havana Room, one of the few truly private cigar clubs in Manhattan, you’ll get the chance next week. On Friday, April 26, the Grand Havana Hall will host a Fuente Cigar Family Charitable Foundation dinner, and anyone willing to pay the $ 2,500 per plate donation is welcome, member or not.

The ticket will give you access to the club (39 floors above street level), a multi-course dinner, and plenty of rare Fuente Fuente OpusX cigars, including a box of 10 special undisclosed cigars to bring back at home. Of course, you have the opportunity to meet the elusive Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. himself. He usually misses the cocktail hour, but always shows up for dinner and will likely greet you like you’re family.

But remember, it’s less about you and more about charity. All proceeds will go to CFCF, a charitable group created by the Fuente and Newman families for the express purpose of improving poor communities in the Dominican Republic. While the Dominican Republic is one of the largest exporters of handmade cigars to the United States, it remains a poor rural country in need of help, and the FCCF has raised millions of dollars since its inception. in 2001.

If you still feel charitable after purchasing the ticket, there is always an auction for rare wines, cigars, caves, and spirits. The event tends to encourage enthusiastic auctions and draws in some of the most dedicated Fuente fans from across the metropolitan area.

You’re guaranteed to walk away with plenty of cigars, but that hardly compares to the feeling you’ll have of knowing that you have helped give a future and a chance to fight for children who otherwise would not have had one. neither.

For more information on tickets, contact John Boden at [email protected]



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