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Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition | Source: More than games

Flat River Group continues to expand with another acquisition.

The distributor of toys, games and other consumer products has revealed plans to expand its games business with the acquisition of Greater Than Games, a tabletop game publisher, design house and consolidator based in St Louis.

“We are deeply connected with the board game industry because it is one of our most important categories of suppliers,” said Matt Stahlin, President of the Flat River Group. “The partnership with Greater Than Games is a win-win scenario for our two companies. Working with Greater Than Games has been phenomenal as a supplier and we are excited to take our partnership to the next level. “

Over the past two years, Flat River Group – which also serves as a full-service warehouse and order fulfillment provider for various e-commerce retailers – has grown with the acquisitions of Impressions Game Distribution Services and Optimum Fulfillment. This fall, the company expanded its purchasing team.

Source: Flat River Group

Since 2011, Greater Than Games has also grown through mergers and acquisitions. The publisher of Sentinels of the Multiverse, Sprit Island and Medium merged with Dice Hate Me Games in 2015 and acquired the publishing rights from Cheapass Games in 2019.

“I have been interested in working more closely with Flat River Group for several years and am extremely happy to partner with them as of today,” said Paul Bender, President of Greater Than Games. “I believe this partnership will allow us to develop and produce even more of the high quality games that we aspire to achieve, and I really look forward to working more on all of our upcoming projects.”

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