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By Vince Meehan

Everyone knows that the key to a long life with your car is preventive care. Tire rotations, oil changes and tune-ups are essential to keeping your car running smoothly for years to come. And different cars require different levels of care depending on their design. But when it comes to taking care of their bodies, many people don’t follow the same pattern of preventative care they give their cars, in part because of limitations in the healthcare system.

Dr. Patrick Cucarola is the Clinic Director of FIX Medical Group, specializing in preventative care as well as personal therapy for existing issues, including sports-related injuries.

“You can only be on this earth for a while and it can be amazing, or you can be on this earth for a very long time and it can be terrible,” Cucarola noted. “I love the long and amazing life and that’s what I do for myself, that’s what I do for my family, and that’s what I do for our patients as well.”

A Hall of Fame features famous athletes who have visited FIX Medical Group, including Michael Jordan.

Cucarola grew up in Colorado as a sports and athletic enthusiast, which led him to pursue a career in healthcare. He earned his doctorate in San Francisco, then moved to San Diego after several visits. In 2013 he met the founder of FIX Medical Group, Dr. Shawn Robec and joined his team where he quickly became a partner. Although grounded in sports therapy, FIX Medical Group quickly expanded its scope to go beyond the range of sports care to include a wider range of programs designed to lead patients to achieve optimal health and maintain there.

“We were mostly more sports medicine, where we combined sports chiropractic massage, physiotherapy as well as personal training to help people on the outside with their bodies or injuries. Now we’ve transformed to help people with their internal health, too. This is one of our main goals and where we see the most benefit from it.

FIX Medical Group eschews the “one size fits all” model of medicine. They eschew mass-marketed fad diets and focus on a personalized wellness program that addresses the unique issues and needs of the patient.

FIX Medical Group provides health coaches who provide therapy and analyze lifestyle choices to spot areas that may be problematic. It can be as simple as getting out and moving more often, or more complex like eliminating known inflammatory foods or checking hormonal balance. Cucarola said hormonal balance can be key to good health as people age because the body doesn’t produce as many hormones as it did when it was younger. He credits therapy and nutrition programs with the key to achieving this fine balance.

“When you combine optimizing your hormones, adding proper nutrition and exercise, you’re heading into three different areas and that’s where people get the best results,” Cucarola noted. “We will work with people through nutrition, general lifestyle changes, helping them with their physical condition as well as balancing hormones so they can feel younger and look younger. younger and continue to live their best life.”

FIX Medical Group uses a three-step program to ensure patients receive the personal treatment they need. First, they consult with the patient to assess areas that will need special attention. Second, they work with the patient to find a regiment that will get the best results. Finally, they give treatment as well as information and tools to ensure they stay healthy.

FIX Medical Group also addresses aesthetics as an option for center visitors. This includes micro-needling for facials that target wrinkles as well as a non-invasive weight loss procedure.

“We have a device called TruSculpt where in 15 minutes you can lose 25% fat in a specific area permanently,” Cucarola said. He added that aesthetics contribute greatly to overall confidence, which contributes to personal health. “When you look better, you feel better, you promote yourself and you work harder. You look and feel better, and you live your best life!

Dr. Patrick Cucarola with the TruSculpt weight loss device.

Cucarola explained that people are born with fat cells that can get bigger in adulthood due to poor diet or lack of exercise. If they lose weight by exercising and improving their diet, the fat cells will shrink but never disappear completely. He added that the TruSculpt procedure permanently removes these fat cells using monopolar radiofrequency with no downtime after the procedure. He compared it to liposuction without surgery. The procedure can be localized in certain areas so people can literally sculpt a classic hourglass figure or a V-torso. J

FIX Medical Group’s goal is to work with patients in a personalized program that empowers them to excel in living pain-free and equipped to succeed.

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