FG Financial Group, Inc. SPAC Platform Investment Aldel Financial Announces Merger Agreement with Leading Specialty Insurance Provider Hagerty



ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –FG Financial Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: FGF, FGFPP) (the “Company”), a reinsurance and investment management holding company focused on opportunistic, guaranteed and loss-capped reinsurance while allocating capital to PSPC and companies related to PSPC sponsors, today announced that its partner of the SPAC platform, Aldel Financial (“Aldel”) (NYSE: ADF) has entered into a definitive business combination agreement with Hagerty, a brand of auto enthusiasts offering a specialized auto insurance platform based on a membership organization for car enthusiasts.

Upon closing of the transaction, Aldel will be renamed Hagerty, Inc. and become publicly traded, with its common shares to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HGTY.

FG Financial’s investments in Aldel Financial represent beneficial interests in approximately 533,000 Aldel shares and approximately 321,000 warrants to purchase Aldel common shares at a price of $ 15.00 per share.

Details of the transaction are available in Aldel Financial’s press release issued this morning and available here.

FG Financial Group CEO Larry Swets, Jr. commented, “We could not be more pleased with this merger announcement for Aldel, our second SPAC and the first SPAC partner on the SPAC platform. Hagerty is a differentiated and rapidly growing company in an attractive market and we look forward to being shareholders and sharing in the success of the company.

FG Financial Group, Inc.

FG Financial Group, Inc. is a reinsurance and investment management holding company focused on opportunistic guaranteed and capped loss reinsurance while providing capital to PSPC and companies related to PSPC sponsors. The main business activities of the Company are carried out through its subsidiaries and affiliates.

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