Exclusive: I’m a devotee of Lord Ram and had a show like ‘Vaidehi’ because of his blessings, says Sayali Deodhar


Popular Marathi actress Sayali Deodhar will soon be featured on new ‘Vaidehi’ show. The actress will play the character of a girl who is a deity of Lord Ram and fiercely faces every chance in her life. In an exclusive conversation with Etimes TV, Sayali Deodhar spoke about his new character “Vaidehi”, about his journey in the medium of television, having the opportunity to play the devotee of Lord Ram on the screen.

Speaking about her new show ‘Vaidehi’, Sayali said, “I am so happy to have had a show like Vaidehi where I play the title role and also play the deity of Lord Ram. I have been a person myself. very spiritual and my whole family follows the path of faith and devotion. I have been a devotee of Lord Ram from childhood and it is his blessing that I have a show like Vaidehi. Earlier I have played a character where I was a devotee of Lord Vitthal and I feel so lucky that I get offers where I have to play such devotional roles on screen ”

Sayali spoke about the character and concept of the Vaidehi show. She said, “Vaidehi is a devotee of Lord Ram, but she is no ordinary woman. She will not be a weak woman. She is strong, fierce and has the potential to fight all obstacles.

Sayali further stated that she gets emotional whenever she thinks about her trip on Marathi TV. She said: “My first popular Lek Mazi Ladki show where I played a lead role captured the hearts of the audience. Now it’s been quite a journey. It makes me moved every time I look back. , every time I look at the job what I have done in the past, it lifts my spirits because I have never stopped working. Fortunately, I have continued to work since the day I entered industry, I feel blessed.


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