Enthusiast Group Launches Beta Version of YourMTB.com Community for Mountain Bikers; Walker Thompson is the Chief Enthusiast


If you are passionate about mountain biking, the internet provides an opportunity to share that passion with other like-minded people. If you have any stories to tell about your rides and races; if you take a lot of great photos on the trail and would like to share them with other enthusiasts; if you wear a helmet camera when riding … then there is a new home online for you.

YourMTB.com, the Enthusiast Group‘s premier adventure sports site, is a new online community where mountain bikers share their stories, tips, news, photos (and at a later date, trail reviews and videos). The website, which just opened to the public during its beta period, is based on the concept of “citizen media” – which simply means that mountain bikers themselves are the authors of much of the content on. YourMTB.com.

“Sports enthusiasts have compelling stories and images to share, but they are generally under-covered by mainstream media,” says Steve Outing, Founder and Editor of YourMTB.com and Enthusiast Group. “Only the stars of any sport get media attention. But everyday athletes and sportspeople also deserve coverage. They should have their own media. That’s the subject of YourMTB.com and of the future sites of the Enthusiast group. “

YourMTB.com isn’t all user-submitted content, however. Chief enthusiast Walker Thompson, 29, a semi-pro and sponsored mountain bike racer based in Durango, Colorado, serves as the chief cheerleader – encouraging and helping mountain bikers share their stories and images. Thompson leads by example by blogging about his mountain biking life (As the Chainring Turns), producing a weekly mountain biking podcast, taking photos and videos of his biking adventures (including recently being bitten by a dog on one of his hikes!), and answer questions from website visitors in an Ask Walker forum.

YourMTB.com is about audience participation and interaction. Every piece of content posted on the site allows visitors and users to comment and discuss, and they can share whatever they want, as long as it’s mountain biking themed. They can ask questions and get answers from Thompson experts as well as advice from other YourMTB.com users. “This isn’t like your traditional mountain biking magazine or website,” says Outing, who is a well-known interactive media expert and columnist (and mountain biker enthusiast). “It’s about bikers sharing their passions with each other. It’s a two-way dialogue, not a traditional one-sided post, we’re telling you how.”

The site regularly holds contests and promotions, rewarding the best adventure stories and photos, for example, with bike-related prizes provided by sponsors. Outing says the site is looking for other ways for users who submit material to the site to be rewarded, and these will be rolled out as the site progresses toward a commercial launch. The use of the site is completely free for its users.

About the Enthousiast group

The Boulder, Colorado-based company was founded in early 2006 by Outing and Derek Scruggs, a seasoned internet entrepreneur, with the goal of creating a network of citizen media-focused websites serving adventure sports. and participation. YourMTB.com is the first site published by the company to open to the public.

At the start of the summer, additional climbing and running sites, based on the same citizen-media model, will launch in beta mode. YourClimbing.com will be the company’s second site; professional climber and writer Katie Brown will be the chief enthusiast. Brown, 25, was ranked the world’s best competitive climber several years ago before retiring from competition. She is currently the Patagonian Rock Climbing Ambassador and writes regularly for climbing magazines. A chief enthusiast of YourRunning.com has yet to be named. Sites covering other adventure and participation sports are slated to roll out later this year, and the company is looking for writers.

The Enthusiast Group is funded by a group of 11 investors, including Omidyar Network (a mission-based investment group founded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar), DB Medialab (the new media arm of the Norwegian national newspaper Dagbladet) and Brad Feld.


YourMTB site: http://www.yourmtb.com or http://www.yourmountainbiking.com

Blog As the Chainring Turns: http://www.yourmtb.com/blog/walker

Walker Thompson Podcast: feeds.yourmtb.com/yourmtbPodcast

Company website: http://www.enthusiastgroup.com


Walker Thompson, YourMTB.com Chief Enthusiast: 970-759-1277

Steve Outing, Founder and Publisher: 303-543-7810

Derek Scruggs, Founder and CEO: 303-543-1186


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