Dundee fans send open letter to club over leadership issues and expect response four weeks later


A group of Dundee fans have written an open letter to owners Tim Keyes and John Nelms – who have yet to respond four weeks later.

Concerned supporters say there is a disconnect between the club and its supporters and want a change in the way the club is run.

An initial letter opened a dialogue with Dens Park chiefs, but there was a response to correspondence sent ahead of the relegation game against St Johnstone on April 23.

It was not released to the public at that time due to the magnitude of the game.

But now that the Dees have been relegated to the Championship, fans including journalist Patrick Barclay and 1893 Foundation founders Ross Day and Scott Roberts have shared their words with the 1,300 who signed the original.

Suggestions put forward are to make the Support Liaison Officer full-time, to leverage fan expertise, and to improve relations with support.

Dundee fans are concerned about the club’s leadership

The letter in full, published by The Courier, reads: “We are writing in response to your last communication in which you confirmed that the club would not introduce any of the measures which we were calling for and which were supported by a significant percentage of Dundee Support.

“We are disappointed with this, but note John’s recent comments that you are always open to new ideas.

“With this in mind, our group met last week to discuss further ways to help the club while addressing the issues we raised in our open letter and which nearly 1,300 fans agreed they were problematic.

“These are:


“The club’s next supporter liaison officer should be a full-time employee, as is the practice at other clubs and as recommended by the Scottish FA. The full responsibilities of the ALS (per SFA guidelines) are so extensive that they cannot be performed on a part-time basis.

“This would not only ensure more effective representation of issues, but also more opportunities for positive fan engagement. In addition, we propose that the vacancy be advertised and that candidates be interviewed and nominated jointly by the club and the fan groups.

fan base

“We propose that the club undertakes to review all aspects of its business, together with stakeholders and other external figures, in order to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies for future development.

“We believe that fan engagement should be viewed as a positive and vital endeavor and that the fan base has many experts in their respective fields and is a somewhat untapped resource at present.


“Following extensive discussions with the signatories of the open letter and the wider fan base, there is such clear support for a general meeting of shareholders that we ask that you reconsider the decision to exclude it. In the John’s recent interview with Courier, he said you were responsible for your decisions every day.

“As such, we once again ask that the board be willing to stand before shareholders once a year and answer any questions they have about the running of the club. We note the comments that you wouldn’t want to go back to measures that contributed to failed periods but general meetings have been held throughout the most successful periods in our history and we are the only club of our size in Scotland not to are currently organizing.

“The DSAs were clear”

“You suggested that we affiliate with the DSA (Dundee Supporters Association) to receive the information they receive.

“Basically we don’t think a Dundee fan should have to start a supporters club to find out what’s going on at Dens Park or to ask questions and suggest club improvements, the open channels of fan engagement should be a fundamental part of the club and a cornerstone of future success.

“At their recent meeting, the DSAs made it clear that they should not be the sole channel of communication to and from the Board and noted that their constitution would not allow an open group like ours to s join the organization.


“When we talk to Dundee supporters about their feelings for the club just now, the word that comes up time and time again in ‘disconnected’.

“We will continue to press for changes to the representation structure to try to bring the club and its fans together and hope you will seriously consider these alternative proposals as well as to respond positively to the growing demand for the reintroduction of the club. ‘AGM.

“Again, we ask that you meet with our group to discuss our goals and proposals.

“It should be noted that we have been encouraged by the club’s recent communication campaign, including the creation of a discounted match package for the last two matches, support for the creation of the south-east section and the encouragement to match the great work of the supporters club in raising funds for tickets for those who cannot afford the games.

“We hope to continue to see this positive engagement throughout the year to keep fans from feeling disconnected.

“While we have already made the communications public, in the spirit of the open letter, we understand the importance that nothing acts as a distraction ahead of Saturday’s vital game with St Johnstone and will therefore not be updating. our signatories until things take a turn, hopefully for the better on the park.

“In the meantime, we hope that you will seriously consider our proposals and agree to meet with us as soon as possible.”

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