Druid City Bicycle Club Hosts Annual Gobble-Cross

2022 UCI Cyclocross World Cup Beekse Bergen, Elite Men. © B. Hazen / Cyclocross Magazine

By: Daniel Francis, WVUA 23 Student Reporter

Druid City Bicycle Club will host its 7th Annual Gobble-Cross on Sunday, November 20 at Sokol Park.

Cyclocross is a sport where riders spin around a multi-terrain track while dodging obstacles. This course can be on pavement, dirt, grass or hills. There are also barriers where motorcyclists must get off their bikes to get around them.

There are several races from beginner to intermediate.

Nick Spradley is the president of the Druid City Bike Club. He said the race brings out many different types of competitors.

“There are so many disciplines with the different types of terrain and the fact that you have to get off the bike at times. The course appeals to many different types of riders,” Spradley said.

Spradley said the types of riders range from “all-mountain” to mountain bikers”.

Spradley went on to tell us about a point from the race that is a fan favorite.

“One of our favorite parts is an area we call Heckle Hill. We call it that because we take riders up and down the hill. It’s just an out and back up this pretty steep hill. Then, we have a place where spectators will be up there to give them a hard time, while of course having fun just by heckling,” Spradley said.

Running isn’t just for fun. The organization raises funds which go to different organizations within the cycling community. One such organization is the Police Athletic League. The money is used to buy bicycles for underprivileged children.

You can register online or in person up until the day of the event.



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