Draupadi Murmu: The president’s real name is not Draupadi, a devotee of Shiva but not Shankar in Devara; Know the “secrets” behind it… – Marathi News | Draupadi Murmu: The real name of the president is not Draupadi Murmu, a devotee of Shiva but not Shankar in Devara; Know the “secrets” behind it…


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Draupadi Murmu True story of the name: Draupadi Murmu, the country’s 15th president, was sworn in today. Bhagwan Shankar will also be at Rashtrapati Bhavan… But…

Draupadi Murmu, the country’s 15th president, was sworn in today. When he applied, a photo of him sweeping a broom went viral. But, now Draupadi Murmu’s real name is not Draupadi. She is a devotee of Shiva but there is no idol or picture of Shankara in her temple. What are the secrets behind…

After the death of her eldest son in 2013, Draupadi Murmu fell into depression. To overcome this, he took the path of spirituality and became a devotee of Shiva. They also gave up meat, now they don’t even eat garlic and onion.

Draupadi’s sister-in-law, Shakya Muni, says, “She is a vegetarian. In the morning, they eat what is prepared at home for breakfast. Some dried fruits are in his breakfast. In the afternoon, they eat rice, vegetables and roti. They take fruit and turmeric milk in the evening.

However, there is no Shankar in the Draupadi temple who is a devotee of Shiva. There is a photo of a guru. There is a photo of Lakshmi Narayan and Lord Vishnu. Above is a picture of Shri Krishna. But Shankara’s idol, the photo is nothing.

Upon this Shakyamuni said, Shiva Shankar of Draupadi is formless. Although they are not visible, they meditate on Shankara in the dark. I meditate too. Even in Rashtrapati Bhavan there will be Lord Shankar but he is not visible but invisible. She keeps a dim light and a book with her for Shankara’s food.

Even more surprisingly, Draupadi Murmu’s real name was not Draupadi. Neither changed after marriage. Draupadi was renamed 65 years ago. Who has changed? It was a tribal name, who gave him the name Draupadi in the Mahabharata? It is also a mystery.

Draupadi Murmu’s real name was Putti. When he was enrolled in school, his first teacher changed the name to Draupadi. Putti was named by the family. He was known and called by the name of Putti until he was five years old. Joginder Kumar, two years older at Draupadi school, said the teacher changed his name to Madan Mohan Mahonto.

“Draupadi was as good at reading and writing as she was eloquent. If there was a quarrel between the girls, they would come and settle it themselves. Not only that, even the kids at school avoided him, Joginder said.



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