Diesel Sunday Gravy Rosamarino Brings A New Flavor To The Saucy Series


The Diesel Sunday Gravy series makes its sassy return with the third release in the line: Rosamarino, made in Nicaragua by AJ Fernandez for Forged Cigar Company.

It all started in July when Forged, a distribution arm of Scandinavian Tobacco Group, launched its first Diesel Sunday Gravy San Marzano brand. Then, in October, the Sunday Gravy Pecorino made its way to market. On February 28, the Diesel Sunday Gravy Rosamarino will ship to retailers. According to Forged, the name Rosamarino is meant to be a nod to the complexity that rosemary lends to any dish, however, the Italian translation of the word “rosemary” is rosmarino without the “a”.

Not that there is dried rosemary in the cigar. Instead, Diesel Sunday Gravy Rosamarino consists only of Nicaraguan tobacco, including a binder from Condega and a blend of filler tobacco from Condega, Estelí and the volcanic island of Ometepe.

Cigars are available in one size, a Toro which measures 6 inches by 50 rings. It is sold in packs of 10 and costs $4.99 per cigar before taxes.

The intention is for different Sunday Gravy mixes to be released quarterly, and Forged expects the next release to be released in April.


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