‘Devout’ Christians in Kerala begin Easter Lent


‘Devout’ Christians in Kerala begin Easter Lent

Thiruvananthapuram: Traditional Christians – those who belong to the culture and tradition of yesteryear have started observing Easter Lent, starting on Sunday.

According to the census report, out of the 33.4 million people of Kerala, Christians number 61.41 lakh (29.94 lakh male and 31.47 lakh female).

Catholics constitute about 50%, followed by almost a dozen churches exercising various rights and for all the observance of Easter Lent is more or less the same.

Most Orthodox Christians observe the generally accepted 50-day Lent when they become vegans and Lent ends on April 17, with the celebrations of Easter.

“Gone are the days when Lent was strictly observed when people forgo even milk in their morning coffee/tea and even the humble curd was not taken either. In my youth, meat, fish and eggs were never there on the dining tables,” said 85-year-old Annamma Mathew.

Following the arrival of the Covid pandemic since March 2020, the previous two years, Easter prayers were a low-key affair.

“We all wish that with the decline in Covid numbers and the Government of Kerala lifting the Covid protocols, all are waiting to return to the churches because in some churches there are prayer sessions – every day as part of observance of Easter Lent,” said retired teacher Susan. Thomas.

But a middle-aged housewife and mother of 2 teenagers, Gloriamma isn’t thrilled with how the new generations approach Easter.

“The world has changed rapidly in all areas and divinity has become a victim. I seriously doubt that the new generation is really serious about observing rituals. I think my generation may be the last where rituals are observed the same way my parents and their generation observed rituals,” Gloriamma said.

A 25-year-old Christian did not hide his vision of the rituals.

“Personally, I feel and what I observe that people in my age group have a lot of questions when it comes to observing traditional rituals. It has increased, especially during of the last couple of years when the pandemic ruled the roost when even places of worship remained closed for months reducing religion to just a myth The world is changing so I don’t think anyone should be blamed as it is not an easy task to be chained to age-old customs,” the youngster said.

However, what Christians in Kerala have witnessed is that while there may not be much enthusiasm to undertake the full 50 days of Lent, the recent phenomenon is that most of them make sure they observe the rituals during Holy Week (which is considered the last of Jesus Christ). week and ends with his resurrection which is celebrated as Easter) which this year starts from April 10.

Important days of the week include Monday Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, when non-vegetarian dishes return to dining tables.


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