Devin Booker: Chevy Enthusiast | Diary


Three-time National Basketball Association star Devin Booker is on a roll this season as his Phoenix Suns have the best record in the league and clinched a playoff berth. Booker gained influence in collector car circles during the 2021 NBA playoffs when he drove to the Footprint Center in a variety of classic cars on his way to work.

“This is Pretty Penny,” Booker said in a Architectural Summary maintenance. “That’s what I drove to play one of the (NBA) Finals, that’s a ’59 Impala ragtop. All stock, how it came in ’59 and that’s what got me introduced to car collecting, this is my first piece.

The former University of Kentucky Wildcat is a General Motors fan, with a Buick Grand National as his daily driver and a Buick Grand National GNX in his collection, but he has a love for Chevys with family ties to Corvettes.

“1975 all white Corvette, my grandfather used to work on it every day,” Booker said in a Corvette promotional video. “Every time I went to his house he was in the back and that was my introduction to cars. My dad is a collector now, and now I can afford to be able to collect.

Booker’s collection includes a first-generation Chevy Blazer with a lowered stance, removed roof, and weathered blue exterior. He found the Blazer in Utah and nicknamed him “Uncle Larry”. Rounding out his collection is a 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS finished in Black Cherry.

“I usually keep it Chevy, you know,” Booker said. “I have a lot of Impalas.”


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