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In Maharashtra, Shirdi Saibaba is considered Kongu gold. The famous Shirdi Saibaba temple is located in the district of Ahmednagar. So far, he has special temples in each village. He called on his followers to follow the slogans of Shraddha and Saburi. Already the whole temple of Shirdi has been covered with gold. Apart from that…many people gave him special gifts. Devotees have already made a golden throne and many crowns in Shirdi. Apart from that, he often makes offerings to the faithful. Recently, another devotee gave her a special gift. It is currently in the news.

All the details.. Nisim, a Sai devotee from Delhi, designed a golden flute. Apart from that… Its weight is around 100 grams. Its value is around Rs. 4 lakh 85 thousand. Shirdi Saibaba appeared to devotees in many forms during his life. It is mentioned in the story of Saisat that Sai Baba appeared to devotees sometimes in the form of Lord Rama and sometimes in the form of Lord Krishna. Saibaba gave the universal message to the world, Guru for all, that “Jaya Mani bestows the same feeling”.

This is why devotees see Baba in the form of devotion in their hearts. Rishabh Lohia, a Sai devotee from Delhi, had wanted to give Sai Baba a golden flute for a long time. Therefore, he received a very beautiful and attractive gold flute made by a craftsman. 10 Tola This flute has five swaras called sare gam pa. Beautifully decorated. This flute is given to Sai after Baba Dhuparthi. Since the birth of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, many festivals are celebrated in the Saibaba temple.

According to tradition, Suhasan is sung by devotees in a cradle. Krishna Janma Utsav is celebrated at Samadhi Temple by Sai Sansthan. A wooden flute is kept there. But now that Sai has been gifted with a golden flute, an attractive golden flute can now be used. Shirdi Saibaba has spent his whole life as a fakir and a beggar. All items in Sai Mandir are gold. All objects in Sai temple are made of gold such as urn, Baba’s throne, Sai Samadhi, idol crown, flower garland, temple shrine, darshan part and pillar, plate puja, conch, arathi, water pot, bell, bhogu plate. Now devotees are seen offering various things to Sai in gold.

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