Commentary: Bridging the bluff gap


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by Michael Featherby

This is response for an article “Protect Del Mar bluffs” written by Mayor Terry Gaasterland.

I was thinking about this issue because I am obsessed with railways and bridges. There are three possible “solutions” that can be used separately or combined , and then altered to match the terrain.

I’m somewhat surprised I’m shocked SANDAG and the Mayor have differing ideas about the best way to preserve the cliffs at the moment, but both want to see the railroads relocated by tunnels. The tunnel plan is an incredibly expensive and disruptive option, but only when the aim is to justify the tunnel and make as much value from the trillions Biden discards as is feasible.

As of now there is a tiny portion of Bluffs is a concern in the case of rails. This area is getting the majority of my attention. My thought process keeps Bluffs in their natural state and not buried in concrete. I’m not convinced Bluffs are green jewels or an eighth wonder of the universe.

They’re just an unstable and frequently dangerous sandy. My shots are all sand-free which means they’ll retain certain amount of grip.

The concept of removing the rails off the cliffs could be an economically viable option with a view that from where we are is more appealing to the travelers instead of traversing an estimate of a billion dollars tunnel in case the problem of crumbling cliffs could be addressed and solved in a satisfactory manner.

The most efficient way to prolong the lifespan of railroad tracks as well as cliffs is to decrease the pressure on the cliffs below or around railroad tracks, and to reinforce the cliffs in the process while.

The most effective way to achieve this is to create an overpass that crosses the difficult regions . This isn’t just a standard bridge, but it ought to be one that is a “zero clearance” or “zero rise” bridge. The track bed could remain the same but it would be able to clear the cliff by several inches so that all the weight and tensions on the track and trains passing by are taken care of. From from a distance, he’ll appear to be like the one the way he was before.

This bridge is expected to be equipped with hidden columns that are and topped by padding to help reduce the vibrations that bluffs cause. The specifications are based on existing and tested technology that can be modified to suit the requirements of the project.

Another concept is stabilizing as well as the actual sand. It’s not an original idea, neither. It involves injecting resin into the porous structure in order to permanently keep the sand grains in place.

Epoxy resins are among the first thing that comes to mind, but there are numerous adhesives that are suitable to reinforce earth structures. There isn’t any alteration or change in the way the bluffs look. Bluffs.

The alternative is to build an old-fashioned (but well-designed) modern bridge, which is sleek and simple placed in the cliffs. It is visually appealing and the cliffs are accessible from behind.

One benefit of this approach is that the bridge and the tracks that will be constructed could be built at the same time that the current tracks are in use. Another benefit is that the bridge can be located far away from the cliffs, and would not hinder surfers trying to travel the trails that are already in place!

The following is a quick outline designed to help people think outside the box and to stimulate them to think about what they could do to start.

Michael Featherby, Ph.D is an engineer, scientist who retired and failure analyst.


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