ChristGEO Media Group Announces Premier of “Challenge It!” Sports news program


“Challenge him! »Will feature sports news, sports trivia and discussions, with audience calls, on all aspects of competitive and team sports

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is he who takes refuge in him.

– Psalm 34: 8

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, Sep 29, 2021 / – ChristGEO Media Group to present an exciting new radio show this coming season on the ChristGEO Network hosted by media professional and sports enthusiast Joe Calendo . “Challenge him! Will feature sports news, sports trivia and discussions, with audience calls, on all aspects of competitive and team sports. The new show will be Christian-themed and family-oriented, with an expected large audience of sports fans across the United States.

Joe will be joined on the program by his three sons Jacob (13), Joshua (16) and Joseph (18) in a unique conversational format. ChristGEO and Calendo are very excited about the show’s potential to reach a large audience that is currently underserved or overlooked by most mainstream media.

Calendo summed up the show this way, “’Challenge him!’ It’s going to be a family sports talk show where you can come up with your bold statements on any sports topic, but get ready to throw your challenge flag! Calendo has extensive and comprehensive training and experience in virtually all aspects of broadcast, accommodation, education and sports. His resume is quite impressive and his accomplishments are exceptional.

He worked on the air as a disc jockey at Wheaton College Radio (WETN) and attended the Omega School of Communications in Chicago. He also worked as a disc jockey in various mobile disc jockey clubs and businesses in the northwest suburbs of Chicago before running his own business as a disc jockey and artist called Music-In-Motion. He graduated from Judson University with a BA in Social Work where he also ran on the school’s cross country team (Calendo is a former marathon runner). He received his teaching certificate from Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois, and in 2006 received his Masters in Social Services with a concentration in Academic Counseling.

He has worked in the field of education for over twenty-one years as a coach, physical education teacher, director of guidance, enrollment counselor, high school counselor and academic counselor, college and careers. In 2014, Calendo received the Educator of the Year award in Macon County, Illinois.

He has coached at the intermediate and high school level in the sports of baseball, basketball, cross-country and football. Although Calendo is a die-hard Chicago sports fan who enjoys bears, bulls, Cubs and Blackhawks, he promises to be fair and objective in his assessment of the performance of all teams and players, no matter what. or their affiliation.

Calendo said, “We are delighted to partner with ChristGEO as it allows us to promote our Christian faith through a sports talk show platform while having great family fun. I believe our show endorses and supports family and Christian values ​​in the arena of a sports talk show. We believe this is a unique format and concept that many families can relate to. It has become evident that the modern mainstream media are very powerful but can be biased in their reporting. As Christians we need more alternatives in the mainstream media to share our faith. “Challenge him! On the ChristGEO radio network is going to be an exciting start to business as usual in the media.

The ChristGEO Network, with its pro-Christian, pro-family and educational framework, offers an ideal alternative to today’s mainstream media, with its ever-growing barrage of bloodshed, sex and violence, and its lack of sensitivity to the needs of the contemporary Christian consumer world. ChristGEO celebrates the Word of God and openly recognizes its commitment to high quality education and entertainment that serves to promote Christianity and salvation. There is a definite lack in the market for good, clean programming that endorses and encourages compliance and compatibility with a higher moral and ethical standard. In a competitive media environment where most of the big market networks are Goliaths, ChristGEO differentiates himself as a lone David.

In keeping with its ethical foundation, ChristGEO provides free memberships and other benefits and opportunities to individuals and families living in poor countries, and supports campaigns to make family-oriented Christian media and events accessible to Christians and non-Christians interested in learning more about Christianity. ChristGEO management believes that any good profitable business is morally obligated to invest a portion of its income in causes that are beneficial to society as a whole and to humanity as a whole. The CEO of the company is committed to never losing sight of Christian ethics and to integrating it into all aspects of the conduct of the business of the company. Simply put, the strategy is that the company will do very well financially by doing a good job socially.

You can visit the company’s website, either to learn more or to become a subscriber or participant, by going to It should be noted that ChristGEO is always on the lookout for candidates for an ever increasing variety of positions, ranging from office and administration to management and creation. You can contact one of the company’s representatives by dialing 800-970-0378.

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