Certified Collision Group Announces Inaugural National Conference


Certified Collision Group (CCG), the provider of OE certifications and KPI-driven solutions for the collision repair and insurance communities, has announced that its inaugural national conference will be held April 3-5, 2022 in St. Louis , Missouri.

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CCG brings together hundreds of owner affiliates and their management teams, national providers and insurance partners, as well as a wide range of decision makers and industry leaders. The three-day event will foster informative and interactive forums and presentations addressing the industry’s most vital issues affecting today and the future.

“This important event has been around for a long time and we are delighted to finally meet in person,” said Marty Evans, Chief Operating Officer of CCG. “The past 18+ months have been tough for everyone, but we have grown as a company and as an industry as a result of this experience as well. Bringing together the best independent repairers with a wide range of industry leaders is inspiring, and the time is right. “

CCG Co-Founder Marc Sebastian added, “When CCG was formed seven years ago, we had a vision that one day we would be in this position to make a bigger impact not just on behalf of the independent repairer, but rather of the industry as a whole as well. We envision next spring’s conference as the start of an annual event that will guide us and the industry for years to come.

CCG operates in 39 states and supports more than 675 independent sites in partnership with more than 50 suppliers. The objective remains to provide the insurance community with a sustainable alternative which stands out with more than 2,500 OEM badges and the best KPI results.

For more information on CCG, visit Certifiedcg.com.

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