Carlos Toraño Sr. dies at 78


Photo/Gary John Norman

Carlos Toraño father in 2006.

Carlos Alberto Toraño Sr., the former maker of the Carlos Toraño line of cigars, has died. He was 78 years old.

Toraño was born in Cuba and his family was a major broker and producer of cigar tobacco, with roots dating back to 1916. Beginning in the 1930s, Toraños focused on the cultivation of the shade wrapper, composing it the more expensive than a cigar. The family business was nationalized in 1959, seized by the Cuban government, when Toraño was 16 years old.

“We realized very soon after Fidel came to power that we had made a major mistake, because this was a communist revolution and there was no way to go back,” Toraño said. cigar lover during an interview in 2004. “Tobacco and sugar [industries] were the most important, so those were the first two he took on. The Castro regime took not only the family business, but also the fortune. “All the bank accounts they had taken, the farms were taken. We have lost everything.

The Toraños left Cuba and Carlos Toraño Sr. went to school and then worked in the IT industry for a time before returning to his roots and entering the tobacco business. He became a cigar broker in 1991, then in 1994, he launched into the distribution of cigars bearing his name. Later he was involved in cigar manufacturing, owning Latin Cigars of Honduras and Latin Cigars of Nicaragua, which for a time created the CAD brand for the Ozgener family. The factories also manufactured company-owned brands such as Carlos Toraňo Signature Series, Tribute, and the 1959 Exodus, named after the departure of his family (and other Cuban families) who were driven out of Cuba.

Toraño retired and the Carlos Toraño brands were eventually sold to General Cigar Co. in 2014.

Toraño’s wife, Evelyn Toraño-Trinidad, has planned a private memorial mass in Miami to celebrate her husband’s life.


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