CAO looks to Brazilian rainforest for the Amazon Basin


Like something out of a Joseph Conrad novel, CAD’s latest Amazon Basin release features Brazilian tobacco grown in the Amazon rainforest and transported by boat down the Amazon River before being blended into this limited-edition cigar.

The tropical tobacco is called Bragança and its cultivation methods are quite unorthodox. According to brand owner Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Bragança seedlings are planted in the ground one meter apart, resulting in half the yield of other tobacco crops. Once cut down, the leaves are packed tightly into tubes called carrots (similar to the condensed cylinders of andullo) where the tobacco undergoes a six-month fermentation. The tobacco carrots are then loaded into a canoe and paddled out of the jungle down the Amazon River, eventually ending its journey from the heart of darkness to the STG Estelí factory in Nicaragua, where CAD cigars are produced.

The image of tobacco in a canoe gliding along the Amazon River certainly gives this outing a literary air, but STG feels that the Bragança in the gut really brings an exotic note to the cigar. At 6 inches by ring gauge 52, CAO Amazon Basin is made with a dark Ecuador Sumatran wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and a blend of Colombian and Dominican tobacco filler that accentuates Brazilian Bragança.

Another distinctive feature quite unique to the CAD Amazon Basin brand is the tobacco-like rope tied around each cigar serving as a band. These tropical toros began shipping last week in rustic, primitive boxes of 18, and priced at $12.99 per cigar. Only 6,000 boxes were made for the US market.

This isn’t the first time STG has used unusual tobaccos for its CAD brands. Versions like CAO Orellana and CAO Fuma Em Corda are extensions of the Amazon Basin series, which started in 2014.


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