CAD Arcana Firewalker is coming next week


Entering its second installment, the Arcana CAD series, which focuses on unusual tobacco, will be released next week and features tobacco that has been fermented in a rather obscure method: being buried in the ground.

The new blend is called Firewalker and the defining, earth-fermented leaf is found in its Nicaraguan load. According to parent company Scandinavian Tobacco Group, the filler, which is grown in the Mastepe region of Nicaragua, is assembled into a pestle then buried in volcanic soil for two months. After that, the tobacco goes to the factory for nine months of secondary fermentation.

This unusual method is called chincagre, and STG says it’s a process used by local tobacco growers in western Nicaragua. The underground conditions are said to “allow the tobacco to ferment naturally, retaining an inherently sweet and aromatic quality”.

With a Nicaraguan binder and an Ecuadorian Havana envelope, the limited edition CAD Arcana Firewalker comes in one size, a thick toro that measures 6 1/2 inches by 56 rings. It is expected to retail at $11.99 per cigar and will come in boxes of 20 units. Only 5,000 boxes are produced.

Unorthodox and unusual tobaccos are the hallmark of the CAD Arcana series. Last year’s CAO Arcana Mortal Coil brought to light andulloa rustic tobacco wrapped in long log-shaped cylinders and hung like sausages for fermentation.

“The Arcana Series is an opportunity for us to unite fans with rare tobacco methods they might not have learned on their own,” said Rick Rodriguez, Blender and Brand Ambassador for CAO. . He added that the lack of air circulation and oxygen combined with the warmer temperatures in the basement speed up fermentation during the chincagre process.

Unlike last year’s Arcana, which was made at the STG Estelí factory in Nicaragua, the Firewalkers are produced at the American Caribbean Cigars factory, also in Nicaragua.

Arcana Firewalkers CADs are expected to start shipping to retailers next week.


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