BOB Streaming Club: Make your streaming choices more adventurous with BOB


Users select up to five services they want each month, and BOB will provide the credentials, which of course remain the same if you cancel a subscription and return at a later date. It’s that simple ! Along with the ability to add or remove services or have them postponed, club members can also request the BOB team to manage a month on their behalf based on current events. The expert team also has playlists that can be searched and compared to help find the best package for a particular month.

After signing up for the BOB Streaming Club, it usually takes the team a few hours to set up the first bundle, but the process is seamless thereafter. Even those who aren’t ready to get started right away should feel free to leave an email; BOB will keep in touch, answer all your questions, and hopefully persuade you to sign up for the new way to improve your streaming life.

For those who love television, whether as binge-watchers or week-to-week viewers, it’s important to be there and when the action is happening, especially if they want to participate in a chat on the water cooler after the latest episode or listen to fan podcasts. We all know that the number of streaming subscriptions far outweighs our ability to keep track of them all, and any help like the one provided by BOB that can help with the process is more than welcome.

As one club member put it, BOB “keeps me from watching shows again for no good reason and life is better for it.” Now all you have to do is take a look and decide for yourself if your streaming experience is about to improve as well.


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