Black magician rapes, married devout blackmails | Surah News

SURAT: A 42-year-old woman filed a rape complaint against a black magician (tantrik) on Tuesday with the Sarthana police station. Police have filed a rape complaint and are investigating the case.
According to police, the woman who lives in Sarthana area with her husband and two children told police that she came in contact with self-proclaimed guru Manji alias Mansukh Mandani, a resident of Vishalnagar society in Sarthana and also a distant relative. of his, about five years ago.
He began to frequent her house and she began to admire him. Later, in the name of rituals, he called her home and began to have a physical relationship with her.
He also clicked on their intimate photos and used them to blackmail her for further sexual assaults. Eventually, the woman mustered up her courage and went to the police to file a complaint.
During one of his visits, the accused told the woman that he had special powers and that he solved people’s problems. Believing in his talks, the woman whose husband works as a land broker in the city, accepted Mandani as her guru and they developed a good relationship, she said.
In 2016, Mandani told them that their house was surrounded by evil powers that hinder their growth, and following his advice, the couple even moved house. After this episode, the woman began to believe in him completely and followed all his advice.
In February 2020, Mandani told her that he had to perform a religious ritual for her husband and children, who would otherwise face serious problems in their lives or may even become mentally ill.
Hearing this, the woman gave her consent for the ritual and reached Mandani’s house as instructed. During the ritual, Mandani started removing her clothes, and when she protested he threatened to kill her husband and children, then raped her and also clicked obscene pictures.
Later, he would use them to blackmail her for rape and she couldn’t confide in anyone for fear of her life. On Tuesday, she couldn’t take it anymore and confided in her ordeal to her husband, who helped her file a complaint against him with the police.
(The identity of the victim has not been released to protect her privacy in accordance with Supreme Court guidelines on sexual assault cases)

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